Ambergris Caye

150 Budget in 4 Days

I decided to do something different this year and see just how much fun I could have over the Easter Holiday on a $150 BZD budget and if I would have anything left over or would I need to break into my reserve stash. (knowing the bank machines would have long lines and run dry I took out extra just in case).

Over the course of the four days I:

  • took lunch to my friend Lara at her shop (pizza and 2 waters)
  • Had Two Tree Bahn Mi peanut chicken sub
  • A couple of beers for my friend Jack and waters for me at Coco Loco’s Beach Bar
  • Lime Juice, water and sliders at Sandbar
  • Gatorade, 5 chocolate bars, a medium size bag of chips and jar of coffee
  • Took my friend Kendall to dinner at La Hora

After all that I am surprised and pleased to say I still had $30 left. This goes to show that even though it is expensive here you can do alright on a budget if you can manage to stick to it. Of course not being an alcohol drinker helps greatly 🙂

Weekend Fun

I will start at the end. As we got to my road, it was all blocked off and there was a band playing. Thankfully they did not end late. The night before it was rockin’ till 2:00 am in my neighborhood.

Belize nightlife
Band playing on my street

I am pleased to say that at the various times I was out and about, I did not notice a crazy amount of garbage on the beach this weekend. We all know how it can get for holidays and I am sure there was a bit of clean up needed along the main strip and in Boca Del Rio by the end of the long weekend.

Easter in Belize
Artsy pictures of people enjoying Boca Del Rio beach area and the cut

Coco Loco’s Beach Bar held it’s annual Easter potluck, so when my friend Jack suggested walking up there I was all in. A great place for this type of event and the bar hosts them at for Christmas and US Thanksgiving too. Food is always yummy and usually brings a bit of “upper North America” flavor. They also sponsor the the monthly First Friday Tres Cocos Trash Pickup, which really helps keep that area of Ambergris Caye clean. Coco Loco’s is located just north of the bridge on the ocean side, (there are plenty of signs the will guide you). The condo complex where it’s located has a swim up pool bar with stools and as long as you’re a patron of the bar you are allowed use it.

Sandbar owner Brittney O’Daniel is always open to hosting fundraisers, for Saga Humane Society, Red Cross, and her own project, the San Pedro Food Bank. Sandbar is not only a great beach front bar, but has awesome hostel type accommodations. The hostel recently received a 9 out of 10 from travelers who reviewed them after booking through booking(dot)com. Way to go, and Congratulations!

For Easter Sunday they hired Dj Hoy to play which was perfect ambiance to relax on the couch, play dice and catch up with a few friend I have not seen in a while.

Belize food
Coco Loco’s and Sandbar

Here are a few of my favorite Easter pics I had taken over the weekend. A good portion of them are kids – after all this is definitely a kid friendly holiday and there were tons of families out at the beach enjoying it.

San Pedro Beliize
You know it’s Easter when giant speakers invade the beach
Belize Holiday
Enjoying the beach in town
Ambergris Caye Belize
Great time of year for people watching
Belize Kids
Remember when a container and sand could keep you busy for hours?
San Pedro Belize
A sunken boat becomes a great adventure for these two kids
San Pedro Belize
The cut at Boca Del Rio is always a popular family spot
Belize Holiday
Boca Del Rio area was as busy as always over the holiday
San Pedro Belize
Family fun
Belize KIds
Kids playing in the Caribbean Sea
Belize Kids
Snack time
Belize holiday
Boys playing
Ambergris Caye
Thoughtful and happy
Belize Holiday
A 3 friend sand fort
Many of us agreed that it was not as crowed on the beach as everyone was at the big party on Caye Caulker
Many of us agreed it was not as crowed on the beach this year, due to the big party in Caye Caulker

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