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Belize Flights for Canadians

Many of my fellow Canucks are super excited about the start of West Jet flights to Belize – this has been a long time coming. As we slide into high season, these new flights will make Belize travel much easier for Canadians. I am hoping it nets me some more visits from my frozen buddies who need a break from winter. 🙂

Toronto to Belize Direct Flights

Back in 2013, my friend Shirlee started a Facebook campaign to “Bring WestJet to Belize,“ and as of today, October 29, 2016, it is now a reality. The direct flights are only going to be seasonally on Saturdays and Wednesdays until the end of April, and only from Toronto but it’s a great start. Flight prices run around $600.00 CAD – currently about $448.00 USD, I will keep you posted if any new flight deals come up. The Facebook page mentioned above is now WestJet to Belize from Western Canada, and you can still join. I was told WestJet does watch Facebook so you can help the cause further develop.

Update: Beginning in November 2017, WestJet began direct seasonal flights from Calgary. In December, Air Canada also began non-stop service from Toronto. See my Belize Flights page which is updated regularly, for current information.

More Belize Flights for Canadians

If you’re flexible on your dates and are okay with a 5:00 AM departure, you can still get to Belize in 10 hours from Winnipeg as well. Price is around the same. Edmonton is 11 hours and $625.00.

The further west in Canada you leave from the less convenient it is (16 hours from Calgary and 17 hours from Vancouver – with exception of direct flight days) but fortunately, the prices are around the same and it’s way better than what it used to be.

Other Options

If you do not want to travel through the U.S., WestJet and Air Canada both fly from most Canadian cities direct to Cancun. It may be worth at least checking out for comparison, but odds are you’ll like the “Toronto connection” the best. Although rare (and awhile ago), I have seen one way WestJet flights between Toronto and Cancun as low as $99.00.

Flying from Cancun to Belize

Even though Tropic Air has been running flights from Cancun to Belize since March 25, 2013, most websites don’t even have that option listed. It is a great option, in addition to being a relatively fast flight (about 1.5 hours) you get a great coastline view.

Make sure that you give yourself at least 90 minutes between your arrival time and your Tropic Air Departure. Don’t be afraid to ask for directions to the Tropic Air departure area located at the FBO which is where private jets leave from. I walked when I did the trip but you can take the airport shuttle that goes between terminals and just let the driver know you need to go to the FBO.

Cancun Mexico to Belize Flight
Tropic Air out of Cancun Airport

Bus and Water Taxi from Cancun to Belize

If your final destination is San Pedro and you’re OK with a road trip and to save a few bucks, then the ADO Bus might be the way to go. Their website is in Spanish but Google translate helps – ADO Bus. The search field is a bit quirky too, but just be patient and you’ll find the route. Land travel means that there is a boat trip in store for you too unless you opt to cross the border to Corozal (Taxi $25.00) and fly to San Pedro; $75.50 one way. Bus from Cancun – Chetumal is $30.00 plus an overnight stay in Cancun, Playa Del Carmen or Chetumal; $75.00. Water Taxi from Chetumal to San Pedro $50.00; Departure 3:00 PM daily.

Bottom Line Flight Pricing

Bottom line is that when you come to Belize from pretty much anywhere in Canada via Toronto, you can expect to pay around $600.00 to $650.00 for your air travel to Belize City. Even if you live in a bordering town and you don’t mind going through U.S. Customs it looks as though it will be more convenient (and in many cases less expensive) to travel from good ole Canada ay?

(Canadian flag pic courtesy of Western Belize Happenings Blog. Belize Flag image from Zazzle)

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