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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rose Robin. Born 26/03/79 in England. I spent most of my childhood in France. My father taught me photography when I was 12. We had an improvised darkroom in the bathroom, where I would spend hours of the day, enlarging and printing black and white photos. I have always enjoyed observing people. I was born empathetic and found beauty in the differences of people. I think that is why today I am a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker. I have been traveling for 8 years, none stop, in countries around the world. My aim is to understand from local people what it is to live in their country, culture, and tradition. I interview them about their past, present, and the future they wish to see.

I have traveled through a few 3rd world countries. I like to stay for minimum 6 months and sometimes years. I always try to learn the official language.  I have seen a great need for education, and freedom to express emotion. That is why today I teach in all the communities I visit. I have devised a workshop which I call “Free expression”. I teach, drawing, painting, mural art, filmmaking, and stop animation.  Today I would like to tell you about my travels through the Jewel of the Caribbean, Belize.

I met the wife of a teacher at the local school who was selling tacos on the street to raise fund for her church. She invited me to come and eat with the family that night so I could talk to her husband about giving a workshop at the school. She made flour tortilla with one piece of meat and salsa for the family for three children and her husband, herself and me to eat. A  meager meal, which I was grateful to share. The next day I was asked to meet the director of the school. The school was very big with 300 children or more. I agreed to try and teach all the children in one day. They packed the children in the classrooms 60 or more at a time and I taught every one of them stop animation. It was such a joy to see how much fun the children had.

I met a young Canadian On Caye Caulker, who had the money and the enthusiasm to want to take me on a tour of his favorite places in Belize. He wished to have his own episode in the web series “Loving Belize” I was going to release. I, of course, excepted his offer. He not only invited me but a German tourist, and a local man to who needed cheering up, and a beautiful long-standing friend of his who was a Garifuna lady from Hopkins. The Garifuna people have quite an amazing history. Their origins come from a ship of Africans intended to be slaves which crashed near the island of Saint Vincent. The Africans who survived the shipwreck interbred with the native people of Saint Vincent, the Arawak people, generations later they became the Garifuna.

This is where I leave you for now. I invite you to take the time to have a look at episode one and two of the Belize documentary series that I produced called “Loving Belize”. I am currently in Sri Lanka.  Next time I will continue my story about amazing journey traveling through Belize, but for now, I wish you luck and happiness in your endeavors.

Thank you for your time.

Side Note: Three cheers for  Rose, I found out she got an EXCLUSIVE: Loving Belize, It became a paid opportunity after this post went up. As a result, I have greatly shortened the story above.

Loving Belize episode 1 – Corozal, Consejo, Sarteneja

Loving Belize episode 2 – Caye Caulker, Blue Hole, Hopkins, Xunantunich

corozal belize
Traveling from Corozal to Sarteneja picture courtesy of Rose Robin Painting Pirates
Woman looking out her doorway picture courtesy of Rose Robin Painting Pirates
belize kids
Sarteneja School picture courtesy of Rose Robin Painting Pirates
belize animals
Sarteneja picture courtesy of Rose Robin Painting Pirates
caye caulker island
Gorgeous Caribbean sea Caye Caulker
Chopping coconuts on Caye Caulker picture courtesy of Rose Robin Painting Pirates
Chopping coconuts on Caye Caulker picture courtesy of Rose Robin Painting Pirates
the split caye caulker
Sunset at the Split

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  1. tacogirl says:

    You will want to be looking on the mainland Tony as there are no fresh water streams on the Island. Cayo District is a good place to tart looking.

  2. Tony gill says:

    Hi I am looking for a small property to by. I live in Vancouver Canada. The property MUST HAVE the following;
    ELECTRICITY (if possible)

  3. tacogirl says:

    Loicy what price range you looking for? Fibromyalgia not a fun thing to deal with I would imagine. Some people come here and notice health improvements depending on their issues. Your best bet is to email me tacogirlbelize[at] with a few more details on what you are looking for and when.

  4. loicy bourque says:

    Hi !! Love everything about Belize that I can find. Would love to find something cheap to rent for long term. I have Fibromyalgia that kicks my butt in the winter ! Any info you can send me will be appreciated. Thank you. Loicy– A french speaking Cajun from Eunice, La.

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