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Belize City Travel

Sitting on the boat to Belize City. It is 7:23 am. I sure could use a Johnnycake from Ruby’s and asecond cup of coffee from Island Perk right about now.

I counted around 70 people on the boat, every seat is taken even the steps and a bucket is being used as a make shift seat. Mostly it is kids from R.C. school at the foot of our street, they must be going on a field trip. We are about half way there now and I can no longer see Ambergris Caye island. The water is really blue today and the boat ride is smooth. So glad we are on a covered boat. When we did this trip 4 years ago it was not and the ride was very windy.

Boats at the Swing Bridge in Belize City

Had to take a picture of the wood glue for sale in Heineken bottles at Simon Quan that is just too funny.

I am excited to meet up with Elizabeth and Rod at tourist village, they are coming into town for the day from a cruise ship. We will arrive in the city ahead of them so that gives us a chance to check a few places we wanted to shop. Feels like being a kid in a candy store compared to shopping in San Pedro.

We found Elizabeth and Rod pretty easily as soon as we were walking towards gate 1 we spotted Elizabeth. It was a good thing that one of the guides tipped us off to the time difference for cruise ships. He said that if they told us to meet them at 10:30 it is likely 9:30 our time we should look for them. After hooking up Rod got talking to an nice guy Mike outside Mirab who was doing tours so we decided to tour Belize city and go to Altun Ha Ruins.

We are on our way, Mike driver is great conversation and lot’s of fun. We are driving on a one lane road that is shared by vehicles and the odd cow for both directions. At the ruins I noticed there was a Banana stall across the road So I walked over to get one but the man told me I had to buy a bunch so I got 5 banana’s for $1 that is cheaper than Ambergris Caye.

Archaeologists believe Altun Ha, was first settled somewhere around 250 BC, and construction of the buildings beginning in 100 AD continuing throughout the period that ended in the 10th century. Some 10,000 Maya lived in and around Altun Ha. It was a significant trading center, seen by the large amounts of jade and obsidian excavated here in the early sixties and seventies. Rock Stone Pond is the literal translation for Altun Ha

Above is largest of Altun Ha’s temple pyramids, the Temple of the Masonry Altars. It is is 54 feet (16 m) high. The Temple of the Masonry Altars is thought to have been the focal point of the community’s religious activities. A single stairway climbs the temple to an altar perched at the peak. Inside, several tombs were discovered that are believed to have kept the bodies of Altun Ha’s high priests. One of these digs yielded a priceless piece of history in the form of a 15-centimeter high, jade head of the Maya Sun God, Kinich Ahau.

The Ruins were great. It is always so amazing to see these sites in person and learn about the Mayan Culture.
We stopped in Sand Hill for Lunch at a really nice place called Gardens. The food was excellent, we all ordered something different. Mike our guide had stewed beef, Rod had Lobster, Elizabeth a Belikin, Paul had stewed chicken and I had conch. Our meals came with rice and beans and coleslaw. I tried a sip of Paul’s pineapple juice it was really tasty.

We are on our way back to Belize City, and will take a tour of the south side then get dropped off at Mirab to do our shopping. Mike made a stop so we could see St John’s Anglican Cathedral, the oldest Anglican Church in Belize city. Paul noticed a picture on the wall of Bishop Wright, we had the pleasure to have lunch with him on the island here when he did the Blessing for Holy Cross School. He is a great guy with a strong sense of humor.

After we got dropped off we took a Stroll though tourist village then stopped at to Wet Lizard for a drink, then had just enough time to go to Mirab and two other places to get a few things we had seen earlier. We made it back it back to the water taxi dock right on time.

From the time we got off the boat in Belize City till the time we got back on the boat to go home, we walked a total of 3.28 miles or 11569 steps Surprisingly, that was only only 13 minutes of aerobic activity and 1275 aerobic steps. To be counted as aerobic activity on my pedometer you have to be walking more than 10 minutes straight, and since we kept stopping and looking at things we were not getting a cardio work out.

The boat ride home was nice, not nearly as crowded as the morning was. We had lots of room to spread out and get comfortable. As we got closer to home the sky was giving us a show, that cloud looks like a lobster with big claws to me.

This is what we got in Belize City…

2 big jars of peanut butter from Florida courtesy of Elizabeth and Rod many thanks for that
A wedding present for Carole and Dick
4 small champagne bottles of bubbles for their wedding
corningware butter dish
A TV table so I can use my lap top on the veranda. Outdoor office hooray
Snoopy coloring book
Nemo and Dory notebook
Memory card game where you have to remember where the pairs are
Spongebob and Patrick kite

Elizabeth and Rod thanks for a great day, we will be happy to show you around San Pedro next time we meet (hint hint)

Mike, we had a great time on your tour and will highly recommend your services.

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  1. tacogirl says:

    That was actually tacoboy that was the big peanut butter fan at the time. However, now for me, a spoonful is an easy go-to protein. You stay safe too.

  2. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    This was the first post I read because I remember thinking “that girl sure does love some Peanut Butter!”

    Thanks for the break from reality. Now onto Scoops blog.

    Be Safe!

  3. elizabeth612 says:

    A perfect day day in paradise! I love the pictures and narration; you captured the day completely.

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