San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Celebrating Cindy

One of those perfect rainy season days blue skies and great pool weather mixed with a short mid-morning stormy weather patch.  While at the pool a distant clap of thunder called our attention. We chatted about how this must be recently predicted storm and watched as the the sky quickly grew dark and rain poured down on us.

Came across Delta Airlines Blog in my research today they had interesting post – 8 tips for travel to Mexico. Since that is a hop skip and a jump from here I thought it worth sharing. They are definitely applicable to Belize as well.

We wanted to get out for a bit so Mitch Sev and I stopped in at the Tres Pescado Slam Fly Fishing Tournament to say hi to Zac and Tanya and get some Gallon Jug beef burgers of course we had to make as pit stop at DandiE’s on our way back through town to decorate for Cindy’s party at Pedro’s.

Tropic Air Belize
About to flash tropic air plane for slim chance at free flight
Tropic Air Belize
Slight pause while we flash the pilot
Belize Drumming
Zac and Tanya Drumming
Belize icecream
DandE's frozen custard - Yum
Cindy's party at Pedro's
Enjoying Cindy's party at Pedro's


Lemon Crush Belize
Lara and Zac


Trevor - Walter and cake
Trevor - Walter and cake
Belize food
Walter with the cake
John's birthday as well
It's John's birthday as well - Happy Birthday John
San Pedro Belize Sports Bar
Watching the game
Pedro's Inn San Pedro Belize
Celebrating Cindy
Pedro's Sports Bar San Pedro Belize
Lucky Charms

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