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Beachin Bocce at Basil Jones

I am so excited it’s a boat day and I can’t wait to go to Rick and Coleen’s annual Beachin Bocce party far north. Even though our day will be all food fun and games technically we are still working – Belize Lifestyles crew is filming up north. Some of the team have not been that far north – I always enjoy seeing people fall in love with the tropical Belize paradise side of the island. It is always a good educational experience as well – I love listening to Coleen and Rick share their wisdom about nature – Basil Jones – Rocky Point and Bacalar Chico protected UNESCO site.

Picture below was taken on our veranda this morning. It was my 6am weather check  to see what the sky was like for filming. It is going to be a fantastic day and I know without a doubt we will get some amazing footage up north.

Back later with beach and bocce pictures. We leave on Seaduced boat at 9am from Ruby’s dock and I still have to walk to Marina’s for some last min shopping and grab a cab.

San Pedro Belize

Beachin Bocce party was great – my first time ever playing and I was hooked from the first throw. Filming went well – Rick and Coleen did really well for their interview.  More later am off to pool. Don’t forget Big pool party for Maureen Sunday 4pm. Will post facebook link when I return.


  1. Best bet would be get off at Belize Yacht Club a bit south of Town Drew. Check my maps and you will see it marked http://tacogirl.com/san-pedro-belize-map/

  2. Looks like my kind of day! Thanks for sharing the great photos.

  3. Where is Pedro’s located? I have a couple of maps printed but I don’t see it and it’s been 2 years since I was there. The girls from Memphis will be taking the water taxi from Captain Morgan’s and I wasn’t sure where we should ask to get off.

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