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All over the map

Lots going on today have 2 meetings in town and one south – luckily we are catching a ride to town as I do not feel like riding my bike. Going to check out A&R while in town and hopefully find a new day timer –  may end up ordering from eBay if I can’t find one here.

As promised here are the details of Thursday’s party at El Divino Caribbean Steakhouse and Martini Lounge at Banana Beach Resort.

You are all invited to El Divino for the introduction of their new Burger Bananza night – 4:00pm – 8:00pm. Every Thursday starting this week, you can get one of their humongous 3/4 lb. gourmet burgers and a pint of draft beer for only $10 US.

They are also going to be celebrating the launch of the new Banana Beach ResortMonkey Business Tours – and Ambergris Divers websites – The sites will be displayed on a projector screen and they will be giving away special prizes.

Pictures from yesterdays errand run with Dick. We had to stop at Tropic Cargo to pick up some products for Carole and then do Captain Sharks for Boat Motor parts.


  1. I suddenly have a craving for an El Divino burger and a beer….

  2. I could go for the burger you can have my beer Kathy.

  3. Hey, we just went here today to pick up a letter for our first time. What a cool way to get something delivered on an island. No postal service, but love getting something from the mainland via plane! True island service!

  4. Laurie, I’ll bring you down a daytimer in two weeks if you want.

  5. That would be great KC I went to check at A&R today after our morning meetings in town – got there at 12:30 and they were closed for lunch ugh. If I manage to find one before you come I will let you know.

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