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Living in Belize

Bike repair 101


Last night on the way to the Lemon Crush Launch party my bike chain broke. At the after party I happened to tell Dick – he took a look at it when they were dropping us off at the end of the night and said he would come round to fix it if I got a chain.

He called this aft and I said I had not made it to town yet and would go in the next day or so – he said no worries he would have Freddy get a chain and see me at 4pm to fix it. 3 cheers for mechanically minded friends.

Carole came by not long after to meet up for a swim. I gave them a copy of Shelly’s menu and they were quite impressed – Dick said he has his food option covered while Carole is away. 5 of us all ordered there tonight and we all have full contented belly’s. Molly and Basil are happy that Cindy is home.

I have been working to get the party pics up all day. Got them edited – started loading  to wordpress and the power went out. Next step -  I thought I would save time and do gallery option but that did not go as smoothly as planned – gallery has a mind of it’s own – so I will go back and do them one at a time – ugh.

Bike repair

Dick said expect to replace your chain once a year

Taking back wheel off

Hooray new bike chain

Dicks bike

Dicks bike

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  1. tacogirl August 10, 2009

    I know other than Paul she is the only one here who knew about your day lol

  2. Sandra! August 10, 2009

    ohhh man! okayy.
    and its funny you were with Mitch,
    Cause she knew about my entire day that day. LOL

  3. tacogirl August 8, 2009

    I emailed you her info Liz.

    Sandra I was going to facebook you on that yes it broke right on the way to Lara’s party and Mitch and I were laughing – lucky a cab was right there so we asked him to follow us back to our place and get a ride with him to town. Dick sorted it all out though and now it is fine and has not broken again. He passed the chain you got to Freddy so he has spare parts.

  4. Sandra! August 8, 2009

    it broke again?!

  5. Liz Melton August 5, 2009

    taco girl, can you help me find a friend I met in San Pedro the week of July 17th-24th? I promised to send her a couple blouses for her birhday and tonight I realized I can’t find her name OR address. She is the bass player with Dennis Wolfe (spelling?) and is starting an arts and crafts shop close to Road Kill. I am so sorry I can’t find her information. Do you know who she is and how I can get her address again? We will be returning in October but I PROMMISED I would send her a gift and feel horrible that I can’t find her information. I figure you might know who I am talking about. Sincerely, Liz Melton (lmelton2007@gmail.com)


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