San Pedro Belize beach pictures


Pets and their owners were in the Halloween mood on this sunny San Pedro Sunday and everyone enjoyed the Annual Saga Humane Society fundraiser.Lots of creative costumes everything from pirates to princesses – Charlie and Molly teamed up and wore their Deport Pedro shirts. Kept busy taking pictures and helping clear up a bit before we left for the boat. Sunset Cruise was fantastic – we pretty much missed the sunset but that didn’t matter we all knew we needed to be on the catamaran no matter what. Everyone pull together to make it happen in spite of any obstacles that tried to get in our path. Cruising on Seaduced is still one of my favorite things to do in on Ambergris Caye especially when we throw it down pot luck style. We had all the right crew including Giovanni & Sylvin who made sure our glasses were full and the sailing was smooth. [pics will be blogged Monday] Back at Cori’s place being thankful for mi mini lap top so I can get some work done while we hang out – will get Saga pics up in morning. Pulled a funny with Sev on the way here. We stopped at Pedro’s to do some cat herding – sent Heidi in first but she got lost so Mitch was next up to go in and herd whoever was coming back to Cori’s place. Sev decided we should move the cart for a laugh only we did not have the key. We got out and pushed it around the corner so they could not see us so easily. Paul and Mitch came out of Pedro’s and we watched them standing by where the cart should have been and heard Mitch saying – I have the $%&#@ keys in my hand. They found us shortly after. [Monday Monday] Ahh the joys of running a Daily Blog – still trying to upload party pics. Our internet is in a Belize time state of mind right now. Silly me I figured if I set a whole whack of pics to upload and walked away they would do ok – got 22 up before it went funky in a bad way. Now I have to figure out which ones didn’t make the cut and upload 5 – 7 at a time – all I can do is go with it and not curse to much ha ha. Hoping to get done so I can go to town with Mitch when she goes so I can make it to the post. Thanks Miss Dianne for calling me while on Caye Caulker to tell me I had a slip in our mailbox and to get it Monday. I know it is one of our wigs for the pimp n ho party the question is whose wig won the race Hong Kong or USA? And will the other one show up on time – fingers crossed. Enough suspense here are the party pics….

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