gorgeous belize sunset picture


People watching by Central Park with Dick, we are waiting on Gigi and Zac who are down the road shopping. Thanks to Cafe Cubano, I am starting this post on my android and can finish it later when I get back to my desk.  They all joined up to do a group errand run and I am just along for the company and the view . It is a gorgeous Sunny day with big white fluffy clouds. I have always enjoyed the tropical weather we get in December – fantastic way to do Christmas.

I started the post above on Tuesday morning and had every intention of finishing it but ended up AWOL instead. With Dick leaving yesterday morning on an indefinite return date, and thanks to Zac loaning us his cart the past few days were all about driving around the island, listening to music.

Zac came for the final ride to drop Dick at the airport. After checking his bags and doing a one last errand, Zac drove along the beach road and back down by the lagoon for some scenic views. It was one of those times where the clock was moving fast and slow. It felt like we were driving around for ever, at the same time I knew how fast the time was about to catch up with us – especially with his plane leaving 20 min early.

While at Tropic Air seeing Dick off, we caught up with Dianne saying her goodbye’s to Tracy [another good quality guy leaving the island  :)] We also ran into Paula and Jesse Fay, also making an indefinite San Pedro departure.

As we stood in the waiting area chatting and saying our good byes to the boys I thought about how life moves people on and off the island. While I was  sad to watch them go, seeing Tracy made me smile and reminded me of the boomerang effect – the good ones often come back.

I will leave you with a randomly ordered  selection of pictures I shot over the last few days – not even going to attempt a tech battle  with my photo gallery today to try and get them in the correct order. That is one of the cons of the Olympus Stylus tough-8010, I have not managed to figure out a way to rename how the picture files show up in my wordpress gallery.  I have also recently noticed that the delete button has slowed down a lot, my guess is that this is because it is somehow being affected by salt air or weather. Even though they say it is waterproof up to 33 ft, I am reluctant to test that theory and will likely be considering a soft underwater camera case. A pro for the Stylus tough-8010 I love the how the picture color registers on sunny days.

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