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Wish you were here backgammon breakfast

24 confirmed and 15 maybe for today’s Wish you were Here Backgammon breakfast at Estel’s. My brother Rob said on the invite said he’ll be there in spirit! Come on double sixes! and Robyn commented on tacogirl facebook page and mentioned she will  be tuning in on taco cam from Missouri and eating a piece of Rainforest Rum cake 🙂 – how cool is that.

I can’t wait for my usual Estel’s breakfast – eggs, bacon, potatoes and fried jacks with honey. It will be my second breakfast,  been up since 6am so already done Banana and Salad for starters.

Picture and videos coming later this aft, we are on our way to Estel’s now and Live stream should be going right around 11:00am – fingers crossed no tech troubles. I will be rebooting camera around 20 – 30 min mark so we will be offline a minute around 11:30 while that happens.

Belize poker info: Courtesy of Jason Southwell

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to send you a quick note about what’s happening this week at Pedro’s Poker Club, home of the lowest rake in Belize.

We start the week off with a free Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) tournament at 3pm.  This week’s freeroll is open to everyone with no qualifications so there is no excuse not to come and play.  You could win your share of the $1000 prize pool and even if you haven’t played Omaha before come give it a try. It’s very much like Hold’em and if you want to learn how to play, show up at 2:45 and I’ll go over the differences with you.

Also, if you bust out of the PLO freeroll or just want to play Hold’em instead, we’ll be running a second chance $55 NLH Turbo tournament starting at around 3:45pm or as soon as we have a table open.

And finally, our regular Sunday cash game should start around 5pm.  It’s 1/2 US NL Hold’em with a $50 US min buy-in, $200 US max.

Monday night we will be running our regular 1/2 US NL Hold’em game starting at 7pm or slightly before.  It’s been getting started early as of late and we’ve been having a full game on Mondays, so get there early to guarantee a seat. As usual, we provide the free food and drink.

Our Tuesday night Ladies Poker Night is taking a break this week.  We’ll be bringing it back next week though and expect to have two tables running, so please plan to be there on the 27th at 7pm.  The girls will be playing their fun and relaxed “version” of Fixed Limit Texas Holdem.  A quick poker primer will start at 6:30 so bring your girlfriends even if they haven’t played before.  It should be a good time.

As usual we will be playing our regular 1/2 US NL Hold’em game starting at 7pm on Wednesday, and of course we provide the free food and drink.

If you ever have any questions you can always text or call me at 610-4399. I’m looking forward to seeing you this week. If I don’t see you, please enjoy your holiday and I’ll see you on the felt another time.

Regards and Happy Holidays,


Still learning my way around live streaming with no editing options 🙂

Second video skips to middle for me right away. Any techies know why? Too long a clip?

2 thoughts on “Wish you were here backgammon breakfast

  1. Robyn Ogdahl says:

    Thank you for inviting me to the party:) It sure made me feel like I was there. Taco cam is the next best thing to being there. Good luck!

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