Ambergris Caye New Years Eve Parties 2017

Hitchhikers Guide to Ambergris Caye

As I started studying my NYE party choices, I knew there was no way I could do it all so I decided on lucky number seven. My decision factored heavily on #2 destination; a 7:30 reservation at Black Orchid Restaurant.

As turned out there is seemingly not a golf cart to be had on this island right now. Ok likely not true but of the 10 or so companies I made contact with, they were all out. I opted for plan B which is a combo of hitching rides and walking.

It was back in 2008 that my friend Cindy told my ex Paul and I that we need to get better at learning how to hitch rides, so I did. Often I start putting it “out there” while I am getting ready for the universe to please send me a ride. Once on the street and heading towards where I want to go, I watch who is coming my way and sometimes I will stop someone and ask. Being that this is a small island, I often just wait for someone I know to come along.

My first ride of the night was thanks to Lydia, Robert, and Sierra and it even came with great music. They were driving around killing time before town and graciously offered to drive me right to the first party at South Beach.

South Ambergris Caye

Even though the party listed as starting at 5:00 PM, I knew it was going to be a bit quiet there but I did not mind – calm before the storm. I enjoyed listening to DJ Bryce and time on the beach under the near full moon. Plus they made me a delicious fruit smoothie. The pic below shows them getting ready for ringing in 2018 with a big balloon drop.

Ambergris Caye New Years Eve Parties 2017

I was hoofing it to my next party a little further south and was not totally counting on a ride this time when suddenly Raquel and Kristen were passing me by on the other side of the road waving hello. They asked where I was going and although I was not far from my destination, they immediately swung their cart around and picked me up – thanks girls.

Party number two was at Black Orchid Restaurant. Technically an ambient dinner is not a party but in my world, it counts for two reasons, first – the Lobster & Beef Special. Secondly, anyone who knows the owners will agree a quiet dinner Judyann and Tom’s restaurant can be an exception. They are both so bubbly and fun – the kind of people that make you feel like you are at a really good party no matter what the occasion. This time around I only saw Tom as Judyann was buried in the kitchen and although he told me I could go say hi, I did not want to disturb her as the place was packed and I knew she would be busy. Sure enough, the party atmosphere was in full swing as they were giving everyone horns with their meal. Randomly throughout my meal, someone in one part of the restaurant would blow their horn and others would follow suit with a chorus of honking around the room. My meal was delicious and when I went to pay my bill, Tom brought back the billfold full and said that Judyann wanted to treat me for dinner – thank you! So I paid it forward and left my waitress a large tip and was on my way.

Ambergris Caye Restaurants

I did not get a picture of my next and last “hitched ride;” a limousine (6 seater golf cart). Knowing I could not score wheels for the night, my friend Ginger had arranged for Jules to do a drop off at the Palapa Bar; her neighbour CJ was there too. I told them they could just let me off at party number three; Crazy Canucks and that I would meet them later at Palapa. They decided instead to join my party crawl and were happy to stop for a drink at a few more places along the way. When we got to Crazy Canucks, the party was in full swing. As per the plan we stayed for a couple of drinks and enjoyed watching a few girls dancing then it was time to move on to our next event.

None of us had been to Crocs Sports Bar before so it was a good stop for something different. The second floor was actually a lot more packed than it looks in my picture and the first floor was pretty busy too. Coincidentally when we walked in and sat down, my second hitched ride (Kristen and Raquel) were at the bar beside us. DJ Chabo was great and this kept us enjoying party number four for awhile.

Ambergris Caye New Years Eve Parties 2017

Party number five was our main destination as it was close to town. DJ Patron was on his game. It was absolutely packed inside so we scoped out a prime spot on the dock. Before long the dock started filling up with people anticipating the big fireworks show at Midnight.

Ambergris Caye New Years Eve Parties 2017

As always the fireworks show was great.

Ambergris Caye New Years Eve Parties 2017

My last party of the night (number six) was on my way home, Central Park. As I walked the beach to get there with my editor Shirlee and her friend Mark, there were so many people out enjoying the night. At the beginning of this post I mentioned “lucky number seven”. I suppose the actually last “party” of the night, was snuggling up for the night in my cozy warm bed. 🙂

Ambergris Caye New Years Eve Parties 2017

I will leave you with a couple of shots from New Years Day. The weather was gorgeous and kids were enjoying swimming at the park.

San Pedro Weather

Happy New Year everyone. May all you have a fabulous, fun-filled and successful year.

Ambergris Caye Belize

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