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Active Tuesday

Just back from aqua-fit class, and I’m quickly throwing up a few pictures. We are off to meet friends for lunch at El Fogon, then taco-bro is going to pop in and say hi to Amanda at Sunrise while I go to Perk.

A whole bunch of us turned up for aqua-fit classes today and it was great. We were all laughing about noodles and other funny things.

New fee’s for 2009 aquafit classes; $10 per class and $15 to use the entire club complex for the day.

Side note: if anyone has spare luggage space, Maureen wants to buy more water weights. We were one set short today and they are light.

We ran into Lara in town and were able to hitch; she stopped in for a visit before we went to Pedro’s. We had to make sure taco-bro ate more pizza before we left, and got to chat with Jim Jam and JD, 2 of Pedro’s finest characters. Met Green-thumb too. He was full of questions and diligently doing his research about what it’s like to live here, and was fully enjoying his trip.

Stretching before aqua-fit class

Stretching it all out

Having lunch at El Fogon

Food was awesome

Friends at Pedro's Pizza

Green-thumb and Wade the Gringo

Group picture at Pedro's

Taco-bro, JD, Jim Jam and Pedro.

6 thoughts on “Active Tuesday

  1. tacogirl says:

    I bet it can’t come soon enough Jo when you are enduring Canadian winter.

    Noodle is quite flexible and fun Colette.

    Yw Mel

    I did not think of that till you mentioned it tq about resemblance. Yes he is definitly having fun.

    pedro’s garlic shrimp is the best rumnpshaker.

  2. rump shaker says:

    can’t wait to eat garlic shrimp pizza with you all,then i must do aquafit to balance the indulgence….maybe….i’m so excited,almost close enough to start freaking out!!!!

  3. tq says:

    Ok Ines is definitely related to Walter – wow the resemblance!

    Looks like Brother is really enjoying hemself (how can he not though?)

  4. Mel says:

    Thanks for finally giving my proof that the Mr. (Greenthumb) is alive and well!!! 😀


  5. Directabundance says:

    Looks like Cuz Rob is having a good time, tell him to keep eye open for Real Estate and to do some research 🙂 Can’t wait to be joining you in 21 days ……… Amen, the sun, the laughs, the beach, and the peacefulness of it all can’t come soon enough@!


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