Holiday Celebrations in Belize

A Whole lot of Holiday Celebrations

This year is no exception in regards to December on Ambergris Caye. We have been experiencing intermittent cold fronts (lows in the 60’s highs in the 70’s) and a whole lot of holiday celebrations. So many that I could not possibly attend them all without super strength vitamin injections ha ha.

Thankfully as the Beatles once said ” I get by with a little help from my friends” There are some great photography contributions from other people that help show you the many sides of the early to mid-December Holiday Celebrations in Belize.

Nothing says holiday celebrations more than glitter 😀 These first 3 shots I took on a walk with my new temporary roommate Dennis – he is escaping Canadian winter for a month. They are the fun decorations outside of Hol Chan Marine Museum on Caribena St.

San Pedro Lighted Boat Parade

Topping the charts, this year’s boat parade definitely had wow factor. Big congratulations to the organizers, prize sponsors and all who entered, you are helping keep a great tradition alive and many appreciate it. I heard more than a few comments in regards to this year’s line up and how good the parade was after a challenging year or two. While I may be a bit biased, I chose the croc boat for my featured image as it was my favorite one plus the designers Christina and Chris of American Crocodile Education Sanctuary are super cool people.

This other boat shot was one of the two “Las Vegas” style show boats entered by Ramon’s. If you know anything about photographing boat parades, the image stabilization on my friend’s camera was incredible, my same shot was not quite as clear as his and I was using the bar as a tripod. To see the full list of winners click through to Belize Navidad – 2018 lighted boat parade by San Pedro Sun.

Holiday Celebrations in Belize

My friends and I watched it from Palapa bar, like last year. It was packed as always and a great spot as the boats always come in close near there.

Holiday Celebrations in Belize

We did not stay for the after party but Sandbar was already getting packed when we left. I am sure it was like sardines before long.  When I snapped this shot, all behind me to the left and right the beach parking areas were packed with golf carts.

Tree Lightings

These next two pictures below come from the Truck Stop Tree lighting. I wanted to go but after my standing Sunday 3 – 5 pm personal commitment, I was too tired to take my friends Jon and Eddie’s offer of a ride. Thankfully Jon was willing to snap a couple of pics so I could share them with you.

Some of you may remember the two mentioned above from the write-up – A randomly timed walk landed me a night at Wayos Beach Bar. Jon contributed some great Full Moon over Ambergris Caye shots he had taken that evening to pair with my fun bar shots. We were playing ringtoss with Jedi ringmaster Jordani.

More Parades and Decorations

Not only do we have the annual lighted boat parade as you saw above, but we also have the 8th Annual Love Fm holiday parade.

Town also gets decorated for Christmas as you see on the right, some decorate themselves as well as you can see left pic below. Tis the season at DandE’s frozen custard and Wednesday afternoon to Sunday evening, you can catch Eileen and see what styling Christmas creation she is wearing. Their cool creamy flavors are something that often has both travelers and locals coming back every 24 hours for a daily dose of sweet heaven and good humor.

Holiday Craft Sale and Cookie Competition

Next comes the annual Truck Stop holiday cookie competition. I was fairly confident when I hit up my friend Victoria on messenger that she and her boyfriend Ryan would have passed by the annual cookie competition and craft sale and sure enough she had one good sweet treat picture. Ryan bought Victoria a bad @ass brownie by Cranky Cori’s Catering. If you want to see more of Victoria Fearneyhough’s Truck Stop Christmas craft fare pictures check out bythesunandmoon on Instagram.

Holiday Celebrations in Belize

Ugly Beach Party

Next comes one of the first and most fun parties of the season. What could be better than starting the holiday celebrations in your ugliest Christmas sweater at Crazy Csnucks Beach Bar like the Fearneyhough trio? The picture below is courtesy of my friend Aimee.

Tropical Childhood

My childhood tropical memories fueled my desire to move to Belize later in life. The twins below are very lucky to be living in North Ambergris Caye and enjoying winter without snow. Jodi Chytka Shell was happy to share their family adventure of getting a Christmas tree macheted and bringing it home on their golf cart. In Jodie’s words “It was really…like tourists were laughing and saying where they were from and ya, We do that…locals were like WTF are you doing???”

Give a Christmas

Not everyone on this island is as lucky as the twins above. Many kids would not have much of a Christmas if it were not for the Adopt a Bear Program started by Brittney O’Daniel. See all the elves below wrapping presents so that disadvantaged kids can have a brighter holiday.

This is a very important cause. If you cannot spare a present you can spare two hands. They will likely be doing more wrapping sessions at Hope Haven Shelter soon. I have seen some the things kids ask for, some of it basic necessities. While my brother and I were not spoiled as children, school supplies and clothing never would have made it on our wish lists. Nikes maybe 😀 and we always knew our Mom was going to stuff our large Mele Kalikimaka stockings (memories of an incredible Hawaiian Christmas one year) with a new stock of socks underwear and other practical items as well as some fun stuff.

Christmas “Adopt a Bear” Christmas wish list program – present wrapping in action at Hope Haven Shelter, lots left to adopt. Picture courtesy of Brittney O’Daniel. There are 300 kids that needed presents this year. There are still bears let to be adopted and the kids will be handed out their presents, on Thursday the 20th. This is an urgent need Islanders, please drop by the shelter and see what is still needed if you are able to help. 

Women and Children Shelter Belize

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    Hi, arriving in San Pedro tomorrow. Are you aware of any fun holiday events coming up over the next week? Or, are there some great sites, decorations that we should visit? Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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