A trip to the Carnivore store aka Ambergris Sausage Factory

by tacogirl
Belize Food

Back in 2014, it was announced to the island and the internet that the popular Sausage Factory In San Pablo was no longer open. It was a sad time for both locals and tourists who have come to love their quality meats.

While the original sausage factory is no longer open, a new and different version has opened up.

It is now in a new and smaller location just over a mile south of town under the name Ambergris Sausage factory. It’s located on the side street across from Banyan Bay and Grand Colony area on the road that leads to Ambergris Lake Villas, beside Los Caminantes and McKoy’s Pharmacy.

You will find excellent cuts of meat & homemade sausages at a good price. Ambergris Caye Sausage Factory offers the largest selection of fresh and frozen smoked meats and sausage on the island. They also sell a limited amount of cheese too which you can buy sliced or in chunk form.

Ambergris Caye Sausage Factory pricing in Belize dollars

  • $11.75 lb Sausages
  • $3.50 lb Chicken
  • $9.75 lb Bone in pork chops
  • $10.60 lb Boneless pork chops
  • $8.50 Ground steak
  • $15 lb Smoked bacon
  • $11.75 lb Ham
  • $6.75 lb Spare ribs
  • $10.75 lb Baby back ribs

Ambergris Caye Sausage Factory contact number 624-7548

shopping in belize

Carnivore store aka Ambergris Caye Sausage Factory

belize shopping

Across from Ambergris Lake area

Since I am on topic of shopping I figured I would throw in a few more pics of local pricing. Nuts are one snack food item that I often recommend bringing them when the topic of food comes up on Belize forums.

 Belize Food

Freezer full of fresh frozen meat

 Belize Food

I bought 1 inch thick cut chops and Italian sausage

Ambergris Caye Sausage Factory

New Sausage factory logo

belize dollar

2lb bag of shelled walnuts $78.40 Belize dollars

belize dollar

3lb bag of almonds $81.75 Belize dollars

A sale is not always a sale and even if the item is not marked on sale, it is always good to get in the habit of checking expiry dates.

belize discount

Read packaging carefully – the $5 sale option was expired

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