A Personal Farewell to Caye Chapel

by tacogirl
golfing in belize

It is with a heavy heart that I am sharing the story about the end of my romance with one of my favorite “ff Ambergris Caye” getaway spots, Caye Chapel. Over the years, I have spent many wonderful days there. I am deeply saddened to see the island as we know it come to an end. My brain and heart are still processing the fact that the chances are slim of me ever going back and enjoy the version of Chapel I also as many others instantly fell in love with. I am not the only one that feels like that island is like a big bottle of Prozac for body mind and soul. 🙂

As many of you know, the Caye has been sold to a Mexican Luxury Hotel development group from Mexico. From an aerial rendering of the island posted on Ambergris Today, it looks like the golf course and the beach front villas are not going to be a part of the new development.

I will admit, the new plans do not look horrible and I am hopeful that this development company will make what they’re doing beneficial to Belize. My wishful thinking – still hopeful that for what ever reason they will decide not develop and change the island and the beauty that is already there, will get restored.

I knew I needed to get back there one last time and end my romance in style before they stopped allowing people over. I asked a few friends who had not been there to join me, Kendall was in from the start, but unfortunately business took over and he had to cancel. It was a hard sell getting anyone else to go over. I couldn’t believe they were not jumping for joy at the chance to hang out on a gorgeous private island for the day.

In the end I managed to wrangle a few – Barb, Sara and Karen. We had an amazing time, everyone was so happy to enjoy some high quality down time.

A few Highlights of our Caye Chapel Day

  • Potluck and lounging by the pool
  • Touring millionaires row
  • Beach combing
  • Driving around the golf island
  • Drag racing down the runway
  • Seeing the island Prozac effect on Barb
  • Karen doing donuts around the flag pole on the green – we got busted for that one. 🙂

Shirlee and Cowboy Doug were also over there for a last goodbye, so I asked her to take lots of pics in case I did not feel like taking any that day. In the end I took a gazillion. 🙂

golf belize

Greens at Caye Chapel picture courtesy of Shirlee Arnould

 private islands in belize

Gorgeous picture courtesy of Shirlee Arnould

 belize island

Touring the island

private island belize

Touring Millionaires row

caye chapel golf resort

Millionaires row picture courtesy of Shirlee Arnould

 private islands in belize

Lovely homes on the beach picture courtesy of Shirlee Arnould

caribbean sea view at caye chapel

View from houses at Millionaires row

private islands in belize

Love driving around Caye Chapel

 caye chapel island belize

18th Hole map picture courtesy of Shirlee Arnould

belize bird

Lots of wildlife to see on Caye Chapel picture courtesy of Shirlee Arnould

belize birds

Birds hanging out on driftwood log

 private islands in belize

Barb and I enjoyed racing down the runway at 15 mph

golf belize

So serene

caye chapel belize

Poolside paradise all to ourselves

caye chapel island belize

Walking the beach at Caye Chapel

 private islands in belize

We always go beach combing on Caye Chapel

caye chapel belize

What a peaceful and fun day

golf belize


private island belize

Marina and back of club house

 private islands in belize

Partee boat

caye chapel belize

Villas by the marina


Private island tour

caye chapel golf island belize

What a fun day

caye chapel belize

Here comes Karen

golfing in belize

Karen doing donuts around the flag

private island belize

Loving my private island day

golf belize

Barb taking pictures

caye chapel belize

Farewell Caye Chapel

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leslie March 29, 2015 - 4:45 pm

Is it still possible to golf here? In Belize now, would love to play at Chapel Caye.

tacogirl March 29, 2015 - 6:11 pm

Golfing no longer possible at Caye Chapel. You can however go to Roaring River Course on the mainland http://www.belizegolfcourses.com/


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