Belize Vacation Review

26 Year Old Solo Traveler Vacation Review

My friend Joanne’s 26-year-old daughter, Sandra came to stay with me recently. She had been to Ambergris Caye once many years ago when I lived at Hacienda in San Pablo area. She agreed my apartment in town was much better. Aside from laidback and relaxed, here is what she had to say about her vacation.

26 Year Old Solo Traveler Belize Vacation Review by Sandra Hodgins

It was a Thursday when I flew into Belize City International Airport and took the water taxi over to San Pedro where I met taco, and her friends Shirlee and Victoria. After a quick pass to drop-off my luggage we went to Poco Locos for dinner where I ate a buffalo chicken burger. I could taste the difference between the chicken in Canada and the chicken in Belize. I must say I like the chicken in San Pedro much better! We went back home and because it was #jerzday we had to watch Jersey Shore!

On Friday Cindy from The Lunchbox came over and we had a great salad and beef jerky delivered right to the door. That wasn’t the end of delicious deliveries for that week, more on that later. We went to the Sun & Moon Festival Night boat cruise and even though it rained for an hour it was a fabulous time! Lots of dancing and lots of rum! We met people from all over North America. In fact, I met someone who lived about a 10-minute drive from me when I was living in Mississauga. Small world eh?

Saturday, we went for a late breakfast at Sandy Toes and I had the fried chicken. The local hot sauce Marie Sharps is so SPICY. Usually, I can handle spice but it was crazy hot. During our breakfast, one of the girls was telling us how good the deep fried pickles were at Sandbar. Immediately after Sandy Toes, we golf carted over to Sandbar which is where we spent the rest of the day at the Sun & Moon. Great music and some pretty cool people. I tried the deep fried pickles and without a doubt, they are the most addictive food you can get on the island. I also met a lady who had plenty of tattoos only to find out she was a tattoo artist. Did I mention I was looking for a tattoo artist?

The rest of the days pretty much meshed together. I met a lot of people some who I will keep in contact with. One of them gets to fly around the world for work. How lucky!

We walked around town, hitchhiked on the golf carts, tried some local coffee, went swimming at Ramon’s Village. We ate lots of watermelons, made and drank Ron Ron juice, binge-watched Catfish (the TV show) and ordered Sandbar delivery every night. Those fried pickles were a huge hit!

The last day I spent wandering around town again and got a tattoo of a compass (so I always have direction) from Madison at Belizean Ink. The rest of the day we just took it easy and relaxed. I decided to fly back to the mainland instead of taking the water taxi as it is a much faster ride and the view is a lot more scenic!

Belize Vacation Review

Sandra was not really in picture mode while here but she did snap a few along the way to share with friends in messenger as you can see from the photo collages above and below.

Belize Vacation Review

Belize Booze Cruise Tour

A bit more on Festival of Sun & Moon. It was a big party around the island with a 4 day (and night) music festival. People came from all over to hear close to 20 great local and international DJ’s spin some cool electronic music. Local DJ Mat Hoy was also in on the organizing of the festival.

Sandra wanted us to join the VIP Boat Party on Pan di Joyride – an excellent choice. As mentioned above, we also hit the Saturday Sandbar party and literally spent hours (about 1:00 pm – 9:30 pm) kicking back at the beach and enjoying the party. $1800 was raised from this event and was donated to the San Pedro AIDS Commission and Raise Me Up.

Belize Booze Cruise Tour

Thanks to Sun & Moon for the boat shots that may have come from Pan Di Joyride originally.

Ambergris Caye Restaurant

Of course, I had to Sandbar’s deep fried pickles at the end for Sandra. Nothing like setting off a friends Belize craving from afar 😀

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