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2018 Belize Vacation Traveler Review

Out of the blue this week, I am finishing the year with a great reader review email thanks to an email from Russell Long. He wanted to share his recent trip to Ambergris Caye and was hoping I would be willing. Of course I was as I know my readers always enjoy hearing what other travelers have to say. He does aplogize at the end for being a bit preachy. Which is why he was not sure I would want to post.

However, I do not feel that what he says at the end is anything bad or unknown. I also hope that more tourists productively speak up and say when they see things that we can do better on. I say productively because Russell was the Mayor of his town and so he has been filling me in on some of the great accomplishments he was able to do during his term in South Carolina and has been encouraging me in regards to Ambergris Caye getting greener and cleaner. He definitely speaks from experience, his nickname was “Pipeline Mayor” because of his pursuit of infrastructure in South Carolina.  He retired after 35 years and an estimated billion dollars in construction experience. 

I also liked his gas station observation as I always make a point to take people to the gas station in town on the lagoon when I have wheels for a fun experience. Featured image is a vibrant San Pedro aerial by Kelly L Jones. He was back this past Nov and stocked me up with many great shots to share with you.

Belize Vacation Review

Taco Girl,
First, let me express my appreciation for all the information you gave me for my visit to San Pedro. The eateries were great except I did not get to all of them. I did take home five extra pounds making a diet necessary.

I was very impressed with how friendly the local citizens were and always helpful. Claudia with Holiday Hotel was very nice and explained what each item on the menu was. The Belizean Breeze Soap Co. was a real treat with a very knowledgeable staff. William at VIP golf Carts was very helpful and really great at meeting my needs.

The visit to the gas station (or fueling) was a unique experience. It has probably fifty years since someone pumped gas for me and it was the least amount of gas I have purchased in years.

The staff at Coco Beach were very friendly and always helpful. Wish it would have been closer to town but it was an okay drive with a golf cart with bumps and all. I never expected a toll bridge in San Pedro and it seems a reasonable method to pay for the structure.

The visit to the Truck Stop on Sunday evening was great with good food and live bands. Never did get to meet the lady who was running around making sure everything was in order. But she was a master in logistics.
My visit to San Pedro was to enjoy the sunshine but unfortunately, it seems to have rained or was very cloudy every day. But only the weather controls the weather. The staff at Coco Beach Resort assured me this was very unusual weather.

The trip to town on Christmas Eve was sudden aborted about half way there amidst a violent thunderstorm. There is something about riding in an open golf cart with lightning striking nearby made it seem not very prudent to continue the trip.

Other than the weather which is beyond anybody’s control there was one bit of disappointment with the amount of trash along the north road (or is it North Rd). San Pedro is a real gem with a beauty rarely seen anywhere else in the world. Such a shame to have it tarnished. I know those who live there would like to “tar and feather” those visitors or whoever is responsible for the trash and destruction of such a beautiful place.

I realize there has been so much rapid growth but the infrastructure must be in place to support the growth. Hopefully, all of the citizens will rise to the occasion and collectively work together to protect your prized paradise. It is not the sole responsibility of the public officials. Everyone must do their part.

Sorry for the preaching but it would be a shame to have paradise lost. Besides, the day may come when I would want to live in such a charming place. – Russel Long

3 thoughts on “2018 Belize Vacation Traveler Review

  1. VIP golf cart rental says:

    Thank you mr Russell for your kind words and it was pleasure and honor for us to meet you, we are so proud of providing the best service that our visitors deserve..,
    We really appreciate your advices to keep our island better and nicer


  2. tacogirl says:

    Great your family got rescheduled Mary, hope you had a great time on Lady Leslie Catamaran, it is a nice boat. Mother Nature was stirring it up again for the New Year, we had some good winds last night and today.

  3. Mary Harmon says:

    Our family was on Ambergris Caye for Christmas as well. Christmas Wve we had a snorkeling trip scheduled but the Lady Leslie Crew were kind enough to reschedule for Christmas Day! always a great time on the island even when Mother Nature trues to stir things up a bit!

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