Unexplainable tech issue and San Pedro Help

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Please excuse the big while space where the front page slide show should be on my homepage. Somehow during a recent update and site work it got disabled  and we are trying to figure out why and how to fix it through online support. Unfortunately we realize that if it is a recent update causing the trouble, it may have ... Read More »

Belize National Song competition 2014

talented belizean artists at the belize national song competition 2014 memorial park belize city

With The September celebrations just around the corner, Belizeans have been preparing for a colorful month of parades and dancing. One of the most important activities leading up to the seemingly endless festivities is the National Song Competition put on by the  the National Institute of Culture History, Atlantic International Bank and National Celebrations Commission. It sets the stage for ... Read More »

Spice up your Belize Vacation

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A while back I got an email from Gabriel, he found me on Trip Advisor Belize Travel Forum while doing some research for an upcoming trip to Ambergris Caye He went onto say that his group really wanted to see the blue hole, but don’t want to take a 2.5 hour boat ride and did I know if tropic air ... Read More »

Getting a new Belize ID card and closing accounts

Because Shirlee and I are San Pedro Red Cross volunteers, we are lucky to have great things coming our way like travel, education and this time a new form of Belize ID. We were at the San Pedro Branch President Eiden Salizar’s office (Reef Radio and TV) and he got to asking us if we had our Voter ID cards ... Read More »

What the early bird gets in San Pedro

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The early bird catches the worm is an old proverb meaning something along the lines of  being the first to rise does has it’s advantages. That holds true here as there are some things on the island like Bacon Egg Johnny cakes from Ruby’s that you have to get there early for or you will not get one. On Tuesdays, ... Read More »

Galen University Belize Fall 2014 schedule

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Chinese Business Partnerships & Economic Development, Marketing Research Offered at Galen University By Jonathan Poston Galen University Belize has released its fall 2014 schedule of classes and among them are Chinese Business Partnerships & Economic Development, and Marketing Research. Both of these classes have real world applications for Belizean professionals who want to engage in business in Belize, whether it’s ... Read More »