Holy Cross visit

Went to Holy Cross Anglican school yesterday with Diane and Greg so they could take the tour and drop off supplies they brought. I really do encourage anyone who is bringing supplies down for the kids and has time to come to the school to do so. It is really a good thing to meet the kids, and they are ... Read More »

Reef Party

Went to BC’S beach bar to meet kyjeff Jenn and their crew. From there we all walked down to the reef party which was at Mar De Tumbo (near Banyan Bay area) It was a great party, saw lots of friends there, had a bite to eat and some drinks. Afterward Paul Carole and I did a pop in on ... Read More »

My Saturday

Started off the day meeting Jonathan for a lovely breakfast at Estelle’s on the beach. While chatting, we saw Sterling walking along the beach which was a big help to plan this weeks meeting. Afterward we walked up to Wet Willy’s to confirm meeting time was ok for the Faces of the Future benefit. Then off to Island Perk and ... Read More »

Clean up day

Sterling organized a clean up day at the school today. It went well and we were all happy with what we got accomplished.Writing on the wall says a lot (I love the school) Main area of focus We got a start on the back area as well but main focus was underneath the school Jan at pier lounge donated garbage ... Read More »

Faces of the Future

These are the faces of the future. These kids are why benefit from the Faces of the Future cinco de mayo Extravaganza is so important. These kids appreciate being in school and all that people have done to help enrich their lives. These kids are enjoying the chance to just be kids. Today I went to the school with Capt ... Read More »

I lost my voice at Wet Willys

We needed to blow off steam last night so we went to Wet Willy’s for Friday Blues music the elevation quartet and buffet. We met up with Beth, Sharon and Carole came a bit later. Lot’s more people we did not expect to run into were there. The band was great just what I needed. People were dancing and having ... Read More »

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