9 Freakishly Fun Parties in San Pedro

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The fun never ends in San Pedro – back that up with two full weekends of Halloween fun with several parties in between and it is going to be a really fun week! Halloween parties are the perfect opportunity to let your alter ego out and become anyone or anything your heart desires for a night – or several as is ... Read More »

Simply Delicious Wild Mangos Restaurant

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After spending a good part of Monday morning together, I was not surprised I ended up going out for dinner with Matt and Sara. I got a text from Matt not long after my my first my dinner date with tacoboy fell through due to him needing a rest between work and time with Pedro and Rob Kinnon   We ... Read More »

Saga Humane Society Spooktacular Auction

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SAGA GOES HIGH-TECH FOR HALLOWEEN AUCTION The San Pedro community businesses and resort managers and owners, has generously donated award winning dining certificates, exclusive resort and condo accommodations, adventure excursions and activities, boutique shopping certificates and more, in support of the 11th Annual Saga Humane Society Halloween Fundraiser.  This year, many of those items can be won on-line at Biddingowl.com. ... Read More »

Jokers, Calm Caribbean Seas and Thanks

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Sometimes the simplest jokes are the funniest as was the case yesterday at Christian’s Birthday party. While he and Barb were enjoying King Edwards by the pool,  Joe and Arne decided to fake him out and blow out the candles on his cake first. This ended up happening three times and each one was funnier than the last.  It was ... Read More »

Belize documentary series part 1


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rose Robin. Born 26/03/79 in England. I spent most of my childhood in France. My father taught me photography when I was 12. We had an improvised dark room in the bathroom, where I would spend hours of the day, enlarging and printing black and white photos. I have always enjoyed observing ... Read More »

Make Some Noise San Pedro

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I caught Angel Nunez on Reef Radio and TV (ch 20 in San Pedro) talking about potential negative events going on around our island  during low season. He was urging  people to raise their voices and make some noise if they see something not right, be it a robbery, an abusive situation or someone that needs help. I was very ... Read More »