Burell Boom and Belize City adventure

Things to do in Belize City

 9:00am Flight from San Pedro Airport to Belize City Municipal Of course I was not about to get on a plane without breakfast first and was too busy to eat before I left Home. Thankfully I was able to score a ride to town with Aimee and Tori who were going to a yard sale up at Costa Maya and ... Read More »

Lobster meat pies and a reader review

San Pedro Belize Restaurants

Breakfast in town Yesterday morning Shirlee, Sue, Aimee and I had a meeting with Miguel from the Cancer Society to discuss blood drives. Since Miguel was accommodating as to when and where we could meet and us Red Cross girls are all about food we decided on Boogies Belly for breakfast. Aside from the excitement of our meeting and breakfast, I ... Read More »

San Ignacio here we come

San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Let the birthday celebrations continue As I was clearing my email inbox this morning after 2 days away enjoying birthday celebrations, I noticed via LinkedIn that San Ignacio Resort Hotel also just had a birthday and is celebrating 39 years in business. The well known resort opened it’s doors 1976, and was named after San Ignacio town in Cayo district. I am long past ... Read More »

Ever wondered about Belize water and how the plant works?

Water in belize

Belize tap waiter is it safe? While our tap water at the plant is completely potable, there is no guarantee on the state of the pipes running from Consolidated Water to where ever you are. This was no different than downtown Toronto for me and on very hot summer days you could definitely smell a slight funk from the tap ... Read More »

Canadian team spirit in San Pedro Belize

San Pedro Belize

Last night many of San Pedro Expats met up for Belize versus Canada game. Of course many were Canadian but not all. There were a few Americans and of course lots of locals cheering their home team on. Popular sports bar Lola’s Pub was packed and it was standing room only. Through the crowd you could see various people showing their ... Read More »

Hotter than Hot sauce

Weather in Belize in September

Lately it has been hotter than hot sauce. Even our swimming pool was literally like bath water the other day. We have also been experiencing slightly more rain and the past 2 nights there has been middle of the night showers with enough rain to make me get up and close the east windows. That did not cool anything down however. During ... Read More »

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