Boca Poca and Tasty Taco Pizza

San Pedro Town

The first Boca Poca Fun Run raised a total of $673 for the San Pedro Food Bank. The event started at 1:00pm and the first restaurant/bar was Nook Restaurant and Cocktail Bartique. This is a nice spot in town, to enjoy a cocktail on the beach. After we had all signed in and paid our $20 Nook gave the fun ... Read More »

Packed House, Sunset Smiles and tasty Enchiladas

Belize Sunset

It has been a busy food week so far. First off was the 5th annual re-opening of Casa Picasso; one of the most anticipated food events of the year.  I got there a bit later than I wanted to and it was slam packed. Thankfully Lori and Leisa had secured a good spot outside. It felt like there were easily ... Read More »

Holiday Halloween Mashup

Belize party

As you saw from my Saga Spooktacular and Wayos Haunted Beach House posts earlier this week, it’s that time of year again, when goblins and ghouls come out to play. My night started out with pre party. Kendall had invited Lisa, Ronnie and a few others over. I donned my costume and was going to called my new regular taxi driver ... Read More »

Haunted and Hot the Halloween Celebrations Continue

Belize Celebrations

It is not uncommon for some local businesses to do an annual event for a particular cause. This is the case with Wayo’s Haunted beach house. Every year they make a big party with a haunted house on the beach to raise money for a charity. This year the party spanned two evenings, although Thursday was pretty much a “dress ... Read More »

Keeping fitness in mind on vacation

Belize vacation

I was recently contacted by Andi Swigart on Facebook page, she wanted to know if there was a gym on the island so her family could exercise while on vacation. I told her about the two gyms and decided to give her some good island style options. Just as many people like to embrace local food and culture, embracing local ... Read More »

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