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World Wetlands Day 2009

We are up early and getting ready to celebrate the importance of the mangroves in the first boat parade to create awareness. Soon we will be off to the Seaduced dock by the lagoon to meet the boat. I’m sure there will be a quick stop in at Ruby’s there first. Boats will head down to Boca Ciega area.

Stay tuned for pictures…

The parade was great, about 14 boats turned up to support the cause. Erin made posters for Seaduced and we all pitched in on slogans.

Elito talked about how mangrove roots create a seawall, so baby fish can thrive until they are ready for open water. He also talked about all the wild life in that area, and pointed out how the mangroves had lost their leaves as a result of hurricane Keith.

We all agree it’s so important to protect the wet lands to ensure a healthy future for all the nature that grows within them.

For those of you who could not make the parade, there will be a poster contest in Central Park today at 3:30 PM. Please come and support our young and talented artists. There will be cash prizes for the top 3 artists donated by Hol Chan.

Wetlands sign

Seaduced boat

Captain Morgan's boat

Island Academy student driving a boat

Seaside real estate boat

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