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World Society for the Protection of Animals

We had already planned to go Pedro’s tonight to meet up with Wade the Gringo so when Cindy rang and mentioned there was to be a fundraising seminar at 5pm we decided to get there early so I could attend.

Max came from Costa Rica to share his knowledge on how to become more successful at fundraising. Although he is from World Society for the Protection of Animals and was gearing the seminar specifically to Saga, there was much valuable information for anyone to learn – especially with all the fundraising that goes on in San Pedro.

Max did a great job of getting us involved and thinking of new strategies while going through the information package he provided.

Not only did I gain great information, I learned more about Saga as well in the process.

Max explaining sources of revenue

2 thoughts on “World Society for the Protection of Animals

  1. Michele in Playa says:

    Hola Tacos!! I am back from a quick vacation in New York. Do you think Max would be interested in giving a similar seminar in Playa? Perhaps he would share his information packet with us as well. We have a number of great organizations that we raise money for and are always looking for new ideas and strategies. Hope you both are having a great summer. Must get caught up on all your adventures!

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