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Whirlwind day

Yesterday was a total whirlwind. Before Heather and I were finished our breakfast we were both already off to the rat race. She was rushing off to the school with Maureen and Tracy and I had to go shoot some pics of a 1 bedroom apt coming up for rent [will post details on that soon]

After doing apartment pictures I was off to CG Esthetic for a haircut from Carole. While in the chair Joanne called saying that Tropic Air got her to the island early [11:15 flight out of Belize City instead of 11:40] – so I told her to meet me at the salon and we could drop her bags off at the house when I was done.

After getting Jo settled with a quick dip in the pool and dropping her bags off it was off to town to go pick up a golf cart. While at Capt G’s we ran into Maureen and Brenda who were having a shopping break. They asked us if we could take the compost toilet insert that their church group brought up to the school so Kenny could see it before he took the San Pedro Belize Express water taxi back to Belize City.

We had just enough time to do that and make it back to the airport to get Paul and Cindy who were coming in on the 3:30 flight from Corozal after a weekend in Playa Del Carmen. Then we raced home to drop off their bags have a fast sandwich and rush off to Ramon’s dock to board the boat.

Once we got on the boat the clock stopped and I finally felt like I could sit back and relax. Not long after we pulled away from the dock we saw a pod of 3 dolphins swimming in front our catamaran – super cool way to end a great day.






8 thoughts on “Whirlwind day

  1. James Meuir says:

    Lauire Thanks for the info 7 weeks till we leave Sin City and move to paridise. pics only make time drag by thanks for the eye candy. James

  2. Beth Stengel says:

    Dear Laurie:

    It has been a while since I have commented on your blog but the breathtaking pictures made me “homesick” for another trip to AC. We girls from Memphis had so much fun, we still haven’t stopped talking about it.

    OBTW….your hair looks lovely!


  3. al salter says:

    70 % of your articles are fairly interesting or A.J. Baxter or Sharon Hiebing, the dogs etc. and the other 30% like this one is drivel. However the hair do looks pretty decent and the dolphin shot scores some points. Good recovery:)

  4. James Meuir says:

    Tacogirl after following your blog for almost a year, me and my girl have booked our tickets and rented a house for an extended stay. was trying to find out if water taxi from belize city will let us bring our dogs on board they will be in 500 and 700 series kennels. Have tryied to email but cant get response any info would help. Flew tropic air last year would that be better? thanks james

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