San Pedro Belize beach pictures

What a morning!!

What a morning – I was too tired and got fooled by a link in a chat with a friend on the coconut phone – those silly things travel way to fast. So instead of uploading and posting yesterday afternoon’s pics, I spent the morning making sure there was nothing on my lap top that should not be – I cannot believe for all the hoax’s forward people are keeping alive that no-one is catching the real ones.

Note to self – they are getting sneakier do not click any links without enough morning coffee first

(did spy bot and it picked up a couple of cookies and registry things that should not be there so it worked)

Thanks to Alan we have some steps to a fix if you should need them.

There is a bug or virus in MSN Messenger that appears when you are chatting to someone in MSN that appears as though it came from the other person in the chat session.

It will say something along the lines of:
“this looks alot like you :S*****EMAIL*****”
“Hey is this your picture?*****EMAIL*****”
and then include a link to a web page with that last bit of the link as an email address. Basically, it’s something that seems innocuous, but clicking on it takes your web browser to a page where something will download to your computer.

Firstly, if you see such a link, please DO NOT click on it.
If you did click on the link and something downloaded to your PC, you should find where it downloaded to (if you use Firefox web browser, check the desktop), delete the file, empty the recycle bin, and run an anti-virus scan.

You could also consider running software such as Ad-Aware 2007 and/or Spybot Search & Destroy, which might also help.
Ad-Aware 2007 Free:
Spybot Search & Destroy:

Off to Pelican Properties and Banana Beach to check out investment properties with Erin and Jo.

3:32 pm left the girls at Banyan Bay with Cherie (Cindy’s mom) – Paul and I stopped at Santiago Castillo to get a few groceries and walked home. I just took out wahoo steaks from the freezer that Paul brought home when he went outside the reef with Bill, Maya and Gailtor – we will have a nice meal tonight.

Nice view

Ambergris Lakes area

Big lizard

Unit for sale

Roof top view

South part of Island

Looking at Banana Beach

Erin enjoying the view at Banana Beach

Grand Colony

Hanging out on the veranda

Erin Alexis and Jo

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