San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Wet Willy’s Jam

Off to Wet Willy’s, Herb is in on the jam with Drummer Jim and Gino tonight. Looking forward to seeing him play.

We had a great night, got to see John Krista and Jerod for a last good bye before they return to Canada. Loads of friends turned up and Elizabeth and Lara put on a great floor show.

Afterwards Paul and I walked home on the beach to the park and had a laugh taking some arty photographs. We decided to go for Homer Simpson burgers instead of eating in the park and ran into Walter.

All that action and we were still home by 11 pm that is one of the things I love about San Pedro the party starts early.

Gerrard in chair fort

Herb Drummer Jim and Gino

Herb Singing

Elizabeth and Carole Dancing

Lara doing Poi – Fire show coming soon

Crab we saw on the way home

Cobble stone pile in the park

Ghost taco

Walter and Paul

Making burgers

Late night lineup

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