San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Helping hands

Gaspar, one of the Holy Cross kids has been having back to back seizures. They think he may have water on the brain. He is going to Belize city for tests on Monday to see what is wrong and what needs to be done.

Nurse Glenda organized a bbq at the cut today to help raise money for the cat scan and lodging for Gaspar and his mom in Belize city. It was nice to see a good turn out from local people to help a San Mateo family who really needs it. By the time we left Nurse Glenda said they had raised about half the money needed for the initial tests. Once they know what is the cause of Gaspar’s seizures and how much it will cost to fix it they can cross that bridge.

We could not stay long enough to eat, so we made our donations and off we went. Bonnie and Doug were headed back to their place, Dick and Carole both had to work and Paul and I were meeting Herb and Cindy so we would all take the boat across the lagoon and see how Brahma Blue construction is coming along. I will be doing a write up on that tomorrow, right now it is almost time to get ready for Pedro’s. Cindy is working tonight, Dick is on break so he is getting Carole and picking us up along the way, we will meet Herb and Zippy there shortly. I just called in our pizza orders so we are all set.

Fixing thatch roof

Playing in Boca Del Rio Park

Good turn out at bbq

Kids were having a ball

Pole climbing

Gaspar the boy who needs our help

Kids posing on Bonnie and Doug’s golf cart

Charcoal run

Bonnie Carole Doug and Dick

Paul part time Pizza delivery boy and driving Dick back to work

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