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Hobie CatIt’s still cold in San Pedro, enough so that I’m taking a pass on aqua-fit today. I figure that if I’m cold reading in our hammock in the sun with pants, hoodie and socks on, then it’s definitely too frigid for the pool. 

Right now I’m experiencing information overload. Been catching up on tech blog sites today and came across a lot of great posts, including this one on Problogger – How to create a blogging plan and actually reach your goals this year. I downloaded the template plan they offered, but my head is too full right now to start filling it in. I need to take a break from it all.

Been chatting with Jo on coconut phone while I was doing my reading work. Herself and Erin are getting very excited for their trip and will be here in 7 days. No doubt a vacation in the sun will be just what the doctor ordered for both of them. It’s perfect timing too, as they will be here for the Savor San Pedro food festival.

Forrest on his Hobie

A reminder if you have not done so already, please nominate www.tacogirl.com in the Lonely Planet blog awards 2009. Thanks to those who have already voted and those of you who are about to.

More to come. I have earned a computer break for now.

Just got home from a walk to the Sausage Factory and Hariri. I got lucky at the Sausage Factory, there were a group of 4 people ahead of me and they let me cut in line because I knew what I wanted. The sky is a bit overcast, so I didn’t bring my camera to take any pictures, which is likely not a bad thing. it kept me from getting distracted. Off to check Chunky, Ruth and Sharon’s blogs to see if any has sunset cruise pictures up yet. Ruthie has posted – looks like everyone had a great time. Pictures are definitely worth a peek.


  1. tacogirl January 23, 2009

    Cold front not supposed to last much longer rump shaker.

  2. rump shaker January 23, 2009

    walieoh should i be worried that in a month it could be too cold to snorkel??oh but wait-there’s a reason why it will be high season,right?warm and sunny-holding that thought!!


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