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Well deserved time off

Since this was Dicks last weekend before heading back to Turkey for another month I decided to take some time off and just enjoy hanging out. This means I did not snap a single picture of our time spent together [Sorry Janet].

We did have loads of fun though starting with Bingo and barbecue on Friday night at the Lion’s den. Dick and Erika came to pick me up then we went and got Elena and Glenn jr and headed to town. We stopped to say hi to Big Glenn at the Tropic Air hanger on the way.

None of us won but everyone had a great time and Glenn jr kept us well entertained all night table dancing.

Saturday I went to Dicks place before aquafit class and watched him, Glenn and Carlos winch the boat and take it out of the water. After class I went back so he and Carlos could put on my handle grips and my basket on,  super exciting. I was very glad to have guys on hand to do this job and it was the first time I had seen anyone use a machete and hammer as part of their bike repairs.  Glenn lowered my seat too so that it was a better height.  Not only did I get my biked fixed, I learned that it is better to use liquid dish soap over wd40 to put handle grips on your bike. The reason is that it does not dry out the same way so it acts better as a lubricant and works better in the long run.

After the mechanics were done we headed down the road to Glenn’s place for lamb. The other day Dick had seen a guy on middle street with a cooler while I was at A&R. He asked the guy what he was selling and it turned out to be leg of lamb – yum. So Dick bought one  for Glenn to toss it on his barbecue.

Later that night I got to test out my bike as I had to ride to Reef Village bar and meet Leisa, Cowboy Doug, Jennifer and Melody for the  Crock Tour. There were 4 other people that took it with us and this time we saw a crocodile right off the bat near Reef, it got away pretty fast as soon as it realized we were following it.

Sunday was Dicks last day, we had planned to go for a sunrise drive then head too Grand Caribe pool bar and grill  for 11:30 and be home by 2:30. Somehow we ended up on Belize time and it was not such a bad thing as we both needed afternoon naps before heading out.  We spent at least 3 h in the pool, he made friends guys sitting beside him  on the pool bar stools and I brought my water weights along and exercised in between drinks and a massive polish dog with fries – what a perfect day.

Leaving you with 3 random Ambergris Caye pictures.

south ambergris caye
Heading south
caye coffee belize
Sign outside of Caye Coffee
ambergris belize
Out for a drive

4 thoughts on “Well deserved time off

  1. Charlotte says:

    This sounds like the perfect balance of doing nada and being busy. Do you like Johnny cakes by the way? Right out the oven with melted butter and jam….yum!

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