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We finally got some much needed rain yesterday. In the morning we had a heavy quick shower – I found out at the pool it was only in our area. At 4:40am I was woken up by another 5 min blast – hopefully the rain covered more of the island. All the plants in our garden look nice and clean this morning. Today’s weather in San Pedro Belize is a balmy 31c or 87.1f.

Heather is on her way back to Ambergris Caye Sunday on a preparation trip to further help get things ready for the first  build of composting toilets in San Mateo. She sent the following email and I thought I would share it with you in case anyone has any useful input.

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing awesome!

Just a couple things; I am trying to get everyone together for a brainstorming session for finalizing the plans for the first build. I am thinking Monday or Tuesday afternoon. So far Kenny has said Monday works best for him, how does everyone else feel about Monday afternoon? I would like everyone to be there as we all bring information that will contribute to the success of the project. Maureen and Tracy, if you could bring the insert and plans, that would be great. We could all see what we are working with.

Tracy, Maureen and Pasator Pete, would your group be interested in gathering information in the community for the project? I would like us to all walk through the community looking for appropriate homes with the best opportunity for success(ie filled lot, space to build two tiered deck, over 5 ft high etc, and then maybe the group can talk to the home owners individually to gather additional information ie: indoor plumbing, amount of water used per day, number of ppl in house etc. and ask to take pictures of the house that I can take back with me. I will compile a list of information we will need to find out. Do you think this would be possible? It would be an important part of the project that I would like to see accomplished before I return home on Thursday.

It would be really great if we could map out some of San Mateo…..I have an aerial shot maybe we can work from to mark best locations for first builds. Any ideas on this anyone? Do maps exist of San Mateo? What about the town…Do they have something like this..I don’t think so, but maybe someone can answer this with a definate answer.

Thanks everyone!
see you all VERY soon! 🙂


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  1. a salter says:

    Laurie: When discussing toilets the idea of “useful input” could be misleading. Thought you should know. Best wishes………Dr.Al

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