boca del rio belize

Watching World Cup Final in Belize

Worldwide TV’s were tuned in to see the World Cup final match, and San Pedro Belize was no exception, there was no shortage of bars to watch the game from.

I was considering going to Caribbean Villas with Paul for the game till our downstairs neighbors mentioned they were having a small party and I decided that was a better option. I love private pool parties and it does not get any better than your neighbors planning a delicious barbecue social right in your own backyard.

As I was doing my Sunday morning errands before the party, I saw a few Germany fans cheering their team on. No Argentina flags that morning, although I did see a big one going down Middle St. the other day.

boca del rio belize
Germany fans in Boca Del Rio
downtown san pedro
More fans outside the hardware store downtown

Pool party planning 101: Make sure you have enough floaty toys for everyone. The day before the party I decided to start decorating and I pulled out my Simon Quan stash. Joe Barbe and I had fun as we slowly brought them to life and filled up the pool.

When the kids arrived the following afternoon they all felt like they had arrived at Disneyland San Pedro style and immediately dove right in.

belize house for sale with pool
Kids playing in the pool
octopus cheviche san pedro belize
Fresh octopus cevichie
elvis kitchen belize
Flaco enjoying his kids having fun in the pool and the soccer game on a comfy couch with air con
belize barbecue
Grill master Joe saucing up the chicken
giddy bug bowling set
Simple party decorations
world cup 20124
Germany takes the win

I walked in the door right after Germany scored the winning goal and everyone was going nuts on tv.  Since our crowd was laid-back you can watch the action on Joe Chung’s facebook video World Cup Fever in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Between watching the game and pool time we had all worked up a big appetite and were ready to chow down on barbecue, slaw, and cake. The room got very quiet and even the kids were doing seconds at the buffet. Joe and Barb are excellent Chef’s and the Ceviche Flaco’s wife made was outstanding as was Arnie and Christian’s birthday cake.

belize food
Among the top 5 of the many barbecue ribs I have eaten in 8.5 years of living in Belize
Barb's special recipe beans
Barb’s special recipe beans
barbecue chicken belize
Barbecue chicken
frozen strawberry cake belize
Birthday cake strawberry cake with fresh whipped cream – yum

Of course the kids could not wait to get back to the pool after they were done eating. They played for hours, made up games, tossed the floaty toys around, laughed like crazy and had the time of their lives.

I realized how much of an unforgettable experience it was for them when everyone was saying their goodbyes, the kids said they had to say goodbye to the pool. The younger ones ran over to the edge say a proper goodbye and take a lingering last look at the magical place they had enjoyed Sunday afternoon, carefree and totally oblivious to the world cup.

belize kids
Kids had an absolute blast all day and into the evening
san pedro belize pools
What more could a girl want than a tiger, a whale and whale and a fleet of planes
kids in belize
They made up games and amused each other and us adults for hours
belize kid
Darcy is fearless and knows what she wants
san pedro belize kids
Flaco’s kids were very smart and funny

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