San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Waking up in San Pedro

6:10 am – sitting at my desk listening like Pavlov’s dog for the sound of ice tinkling against the glass as Paul makes my morning coffee.

Someone is outside alternating between sweeping the street and using a metal shovel to put the pile he just made into a wheelbarrow. Birds are awake and singing. Traffic noise is steadily increasing as San Pedro wakes up and people go about their day.

Shout out to TL and HW who will be here in 2 days.

7:39 – onto coffee number 2. Just put Pauls laundry in – looking to get enough done before Mark and Mary turn up. In mini chat now – everyone talking about their upcoming Nov trips.

More to come just got home from Pedro’s and going to go watch tv with Rick. Watching a program on what Romans used do to people for doing bad things like thieving – ouch.

I had not planned to go out at all but Lara and Cindy stopping by sidetracked me into going to Pedro’s for a while. Glad I went cause I got a nice surprise when Ernie walked in the door. Have not been keeping up with who is coming when and did not know when he was in town or if he was doing a stealth mission and sneaking in and out – what ever the case I was happy he came and found me to say hi.

Video Paul was in fine bowling form tonight




Tues night at Pedro’s


Molly getting picked on by the Pauls

Ernie and I

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Taco girl – I have never been to AC but do watch the message board. I absolutely love to read your dail blog. I can just picture all the beauty of the land and wonderful people. I also so enjoy all your pictures. I know this is a lot of hard work. Kudos to you and keep up the good work.

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