Belize weather in December

Wacky Windy Weather

Rain hit just after 2:00am last night – woke me up with a start rushing to close the windows which unfortunately woke Paul up too.

Chatting shuffles on the coconut phone. We were talking about going to the pool and now the sky has grown dark and the wind has picked up big time – you would not know it looking at these pictures from my walk to town yesterday afternoon.

After talking to chunkyruth in mini chat and Madam M by phone, the decision was that exercise class is on rain or shine. Just finishing my iced coffee and I am out the door.

Class was great – 5 of us turned up shuffles went MIA – sometimes chores come first. Computer work is done for me today, time to get back to house cleaning.

Belize weather in December

Even though it is dry season, December still has some potential for scattered showers in the beginning of the month and gets drier towards the end. This is typical the time that  cold fronts can appear. With that being said overall, average Dec temperatures are still an enjoyable at or 24°C 76°F with daytime highs of 28°C or  82°F and nighttime lows of 23°C or 73°F.

Perla Escondida alley way

Walking into town

Fruit shopping

Shopping with Diane for fruit on the way home

4 thoughts on “Wacky Windy Weather

  1. Mary Mooney says:

    sorry I missed you Monday and Tue. Monday I ran up the the French Bakery so I must have missed you and Tue the weather gave me yet another excuse not to come to water aerobics.
    love the sun rise photos!

  2. tacogirl says:

    Glad you caught the pic Johnny.

    Your Dad told me how you read the blog from far away. I never did get to find out your name or let him know that our friend Dick works in the hanger so I post things for his mom to see as she follows the blog.

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