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Take Virtual Vacation Or Get COVID-19 and Grocery Information

Many of us are going through tough times in surviving COVID-19 on Ambergris Caye Belize. And tough times call for creative measures.

Over the years I have been so grateful for the support of my readers not only with wonderful testimonials about my blog but with my charities as well. Many donated to Hope Haven during my last COVID-19 news and outreach. And even more, people used the Flight Code For a Cause (until flights stopped) which not only helped the Cancer Center with a monthly donation but also sustained my blog. With zero passenger flights right now that means a big freefall into the abyss for me, along with many other people I know.

Now I am calling on your help once again.

In an effort to help maintain during the Coronavirus pandemic in Belize, I am giving readers the option to sponsor a blog post by making a donation to my PayPal account with the following email: Canadian Royal Bank of Canada e-transfer to and Atlantic Bank Belize are also available article sponsor options. A portion of all sponsored posts will continue to go to the Dangriga Cancer Center.

There are several choices below, or you can be creative and come up with your own idea. Perhaps you want to go to a particular beach bar and then out for a nice dinner afterward. You choose your write up (what you’d like me to write about) accordingly, and let me know what you want by email or in the comments area of payment.

  • Enjoy a Virtual Vacation – where ever you are, I can bring you to Belize.
  • Island or Belize News and Information – get updated on our current situation or topic of interest.
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  • Ask a question. So many of you want to know more about Belize.

Be creative, have fun with your requests and promise I will give you something good in return. Thank you for your support of during this difficult time.

While most of you know my style, I figured I would write two samples below to get things rolling, if you appreciate either one of info or personal piece, please consider sponsoring this article via my PayPal account with the following email: Canadian Royal Bank of Canada e-transfer to or Atlantic Bank Belize are also available options.

COVID-19 in Belize

So far the country is holding steady at 18 cases with two of them passing, the two on San Pedro recovered, and it has been several days since the last ones were reported. Even though they have been cleared, it was said on Reef TV today that our rules will not be totally lifted but are still to be determined.

We are now as a country under the state of a new SI 55 (Statutory Instrument 55). Even though the Government was very clear that everyone countrywide was on the same rules, our Ambergris Caye EOC has decided to continue enforcing their procedures put in place to stave off the spread of COVID-19 on Ambergris Caye.

The main one being a 3 hour shopping rule and banks open until noon only.

This is an important issue. Many still feel that a 3-hour window for essential food stores is too short and condenses people too much. As do many, I agree regarding shopping, it would be better if it was slightly longer – similar to the mainland. Shopping could still be done well before curfew.

As it stands they are basically causing the very thing they do not want us to be doing – social gatherings. And it happens 3 or more hours daily, mostly at banks and shops.

Surviving Covid-19 on Ambergris Caye Belize

This last time out, I was also surprised to see a crowd cluster further north on middle street, waiting for Social Security. As for the family shot, please practice public social distancing. When possible only one member of the family to go out and keep your babies and kids at home if at all possible.

Wash Your Hands

I was happy to see that Lourdes Hardware had a great makeshift hand washing station set up outside and that there was no grocery shopping crowd on Back Street.

Hope Haven updated me this morning, as of 5:00 pm April 21st they had completed 1844 assessments for families on Ambergris Caye. 1735 of which received groceries at least once. There are currently 329 families waiting to be assessed and today, April 22nd. Both deliveries and assessments are being done so those figures will change. What is being given for groceries should last a family of 6-8 members for two weeks. If you need any additional information you can contact Hope Haven’s director of operations Kristina Romero 672-0029 by text or via Facebook.

On my way home, the bank line up was still crazy long. They were trying their best to keep people from crowding but it was not easy.

Come on people if the streets of NYC are empty surely we can do better, let’s follow their example. Picture of Livingston St. used with permission from Carbunkle Trumpet’s blog. Click through to see how COVID-19 emptied the streets of Brooklyn New York compared to ours above.

Tinder Roulette

As promised at the start of this post I was going to give you a bit of a personal note as well as Covid-19 Belize info and pictures. Great shopping info and virtual vacation below.

Seeing as right now I am not able to make a date and take pictures of enjoying a walk and a tempting iced coffee somewhere tasty in town, I am going to tell you a bit about single girl life and social distancing on tinder – haha.

Recent Tinder Rolette matched me with a few cute guys, none in Belize and all younger. Names have been left out intentionally to protect the b-boy (booty call boy) and the nice guy.

Of course part of the issue in times like this is that the booty call boys are still jumping around like over-excited hungry monkeys in banana trees. This particular starved monkey was ready to send nudes at the drop of a hat. Of course, I feel there are already plenty of existing sexy pics of random people already on Google.

  • Me – I was an art model for years. I feel zero need to post nude pics on the internet lol.
  • Him – You got about 6 years left to live. Who Cares if someone sees your little tits.
  • Me – Thanks for the compliment.
  • Me – Thinking much to my dismay, they are not so little any more due to all the COVID binging – haha.
  • Inspired action that followed, unmatch, and continue chatting with someone nicer.

And that is exactly what I did and started learning about Toluca, Michoacan, and Queretaro Mexico from a Mexican living in Calgary Canada.

Be the person you wish to see

This is a time to set an example and be the type of person you want to see right now.

I keep slowing down when out with my food share friend on errand days, and out of habit, he slows down too. I have to remind him we should do our best to set an example and keep the required distance. This picture below should be the old norm and sadly it was taken last week.

Surviving Covid-19 on Ambergris Caye Belize

Where To Shop

Some people also feel we should stick to buying groceries on the island only and not order from the mainland. I am doing both and I make sure to keep shopping at my regular stores. I feel right now the whole country needs help.

As far as personal shopping goes, I am doing a supply and expense share with a friend. We buy what is convenient, lasts longer, and gives us less time spent in lines. Quite honestly, the limes from the mobile market are so much bigger better than what we get here. So we buy our watermelon and pineapple on Ambergris at Louis’s shop on Back st. and save the limes as part of our mainland shopping.

Belize produce

Local shopping many places are now offering curbside pick up with messenger and WhatsApp orders. San Pedro Fun Finder has been doing a great job is listing current information not only for stores but bakeries and restaurant delivery options on their Facebook page.

  • Superbuy: +501 632-6856 (WhatsApp)
  • Caye Mart: +501 635-5678 (WhatsApp)
  • Island City: 226-3110 or FB messenger
  • Mermaid Supermarket: 226-3110 or FB messenger

taco tip #26 A picture is worth 1000 words. To help make your orders easily processed, send a snapshot photo of what you want (or find one on Google) and send them on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Even with pictures check your order. I sent in a pic of coconut cans milk and accidentally got coconut powder.

If you are looking for something healthy to supplement your diet at this time, there are a few options.

  • Lunch Box makes fresh yogurt and lactose-free as well as other homemade healthy food options. 624-4659 (text. call or FB order)
  • Yami makes homemade greek yogurt +501 601-8977 (WhatsApp)
  • Sunshine and Gratitude Kombucha is taking FB orders and doing safe pick up only. Available flavors at this time are as follows: Sorrel Spice (hibiscus and spices), Sunshine Brew (pineapple ginger Lemongrass), Lavender honey, Ginger $18, Ginger Lemongrass, Most bottles are $15.

Mainland Meat and Produce

If you are on Ambergris Caye and feeling the shortage of good meat and vegetables at local shops, then these two in-country online options are ones you will love.

Kunahmul Organics

Fresh Vegetable delivery to Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker based on the current Tropic Air Cargo Schedule.

First off, many of my friends and I have long enjoyed Kunahmul organics founded by Jon and Amy. I have been working with Pandora and she has been sending “$50 tacogirl boxes” to the island. Perfect for one if you like to really eat healthily. They are a decent size and easy price to split between two people. Ordering a tacogirl box will not only get you some great fresh produce, but you will be paying it forward as it also benefits me slightly. I occasionally get a bit extra when people order through my farm promotions. Last time it was eggplant medley to try – it was great fried.

This week’s available fresh produce available: Amy’s salad mix, green lettuce, romaine lettuce, red lettuce, collard greens, mustard greens, Toscano kale, Malabar spinach, Swiss chard, arugula, okra red and green, eggplant medley, sweet Thai basil, purple basil, Genovese basil, mint, lemon balm, culantro, oregano, poblano peppers, serrano peppers, chilaca peppers, Mexican sweet peppers, kennikura edible flowers, moringa edible flowers, and kajari melon.

Microgreens: Cressida Cress, Broccoli, Amaranth, Spicy Mix and Mild Mix

If you are looking for fresh vegetables watch my weekly COVID vegetable list posts text. You can also WhatsApp +501 610-5115 or email Pandora at Kunahmul Organics for the list and ask for your $50 tacogirl vegetable box. *Note sometimes their internet goes in and out. In this case, texting or calling can be the best way to reach them if you do not hear back quickly about your order. Pictures of the farm courtesy of Pandora.

Mobile Market

This is another nice option for fresh produce and meat (comes fresh frozen) They also have all kinds of other goodies on their online shop They take orders from and ship via Tropic Air cargo to San Pedro weekly.

And now for a bit of virtual vacation time. I know many of you are missing Belize so here is a great beach shot for you to lose yourself in. The water has been really nice and the reef quite choppy. We have also been experiencing a bit of a heatwave. Currently, it is 86 ºF or 30 ºC but feels like 90 ºF or 36 ºC.

Ambergris Caye beach

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Boats docked during covid-19 in Belize

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