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Updated information

To spice things up Pedro’s is doing deep dish pizza tonight at 6 pm – there will still be regular thin crust pizza available.

Aquafit classes at the San Pedro Fitness Club – Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays 10am – 11am cost is $10

Here is an updated Nov schedule so people can just join in and meet up while here if they want to. Some places like Tackle Box and Pedro’s are offering message board specials as well.

Wed Nov 19 – Tropic Air party 1 pm – Tackle Box meet for a drink 8:30 pm
Thur Nov19 – aquafit 10 – 11 am SP Fit club -Wet Willy’s Blues Band 7 pm
Fri Nov 21 – aquafit 10 – 11 am SP Fit club – Seaduced Sunset Cruise 5pm
Sat Nov 22 – Caye Caulker 11:30am boat wet Willy’s – Pedro’s game night 6 pm
Sun Nov 23 – Catamaran beach bar 1 pm – walk down the beach to BC’s Sauce Off 3pm

Meeting place for the sunset cruise is O’Farrell House dock beside BYC please arrive 15 minutes early to sign in and pay. I have posted pics of the dock with Seduction Catamaran at the end below. Tropical Touch massage is no longer a landmark building there.

List of people going on the sunset cruise – If you are not on the list and want to come please count yourself in… DCG – Terri – Lara – Mom – 2 tacos – CBT – Shauna – KLC – Capt Jeff – azBob – Cindy – Paul – Indygal – Mary1220 – RIbeth – Boydie – Kerry – canickgirl – canuckboi – Bill – Keli – Rubyd – Dan – Kathy – Teenah – Maria

Shout to to Ray Petelin from Erie PA -thanks for finding me on Twitter.

p.s. tacoboy will get back to finishing blog makeover and I have been letting him know your feedback. Looks like we will return to 3 column style like it was but keep the blue color. If you have any feedback please feel free to leave comment.

p.s.s. I am so excited just came open and we snagged it. Someone scooped it from us a year ago and I patiently waited for it to become open again as we were not about to pay him the $8000 he wanted for it. Note to self… be ready to register on the spot when you check domain names.

Got a great tip from drummer Dan today – nail a rubber snake outside a woodpecker hole to scare it off – then you can safely plug the hole after it has gone. Not tried it yet as we do not have a ladder but will do when we figure out how to get that high and get a rubber snake.

O’Farrell House dock walking south towards BYC

Walking North just passed BYC

6 thoughts on “Updated information

  1. Jackie says:

    I want to get my own domain name but don’t really see that option on this WordPress page. It has the option to create a blog but the URL ends up being my user I know that you are using WordPress because I went to and saw the format tnad the comment from WP.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog, and have to admit that it is a daily fix for me. Guess it helps that I know alot of what and who you blog about. You do an amazing job!
    I like the blue colour.
    Look forward to seeing the splash picture again.
    I miss the linked blogs.
    Feel that the bloggers watching isn’t necessary and takes time to load, slowing down the process.

  3. tacogirl says:

    There is lots happening here for a small place. Hope you mexico bloggers will come visit sometime.

    Thanks for the comment and compliment Islagringo, I let Paul know for when he is ready to continue working on it.

  4. Islagringo says:

    You guys sure have a lot of parties, get togethers and events down there!

    Ok, you asked. I do not like the look of your new blog at all. It is very, very busy and hard to read. Too bright or something. Your other blog was more you. Comfortable, friendly and cozy. This one also seems to print the page breaks and stuff too.

    But whatever you do, we will be here reading!

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