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Unpredictable Belize Weather

Our Unpredictable Belize weather has been on the rainy side. It’s going from wet to dry, cold to warm and back again throughout the day. This has more than a few vacation planners asking “What is with all the rain?” I even had someone write me recently questioning if they should delay their trip due to the heavy rain forecast. In the end they decided to come and enjoy no matter what the weather.

That is really all you can do. The weather in Belize can change from one hour to the next and you just need to go on with your plans no matter what – last night was a perfect example of that. An hour or so before the bar was to open at the annual Island Academy Christmas show, we had whole lot of rain going on. I was texting back and forth with Mary and we both agreed if it let up even a little we would make a break for it.

When I got there the big tent was full of people who decided not to let rain showers spoil the party, thankfully Mary, John and Madison had saved me a seat. The kids put on an excellent show and I loved teacher Lisa’s props, afterward we enjoyed  the delicious turkey dinner being served.

Four Day Weather outlook from the National Meteorological service of Belize and San Pedro Weather are both good websites to keep up with what the current Belize weather is like.

I just heard from my friend Andre by email that Toronto is in for 10 centimeters of snow tomorrow and another 20 on Sunday. That was a good reminder of why we moved here almost 8 years ago, I will take rain any day over cold and slushy.

San Pedro Belize weather did not stop the crowd from attending the Christmas Story.
A cute girl watching the Christmas story
belize weather brings rain
It rained several times throughout the evening
The rainy weather in Belize did not stop people from coming.
The weather did not stop a good size crowd from coming out to enjoy the performance and turkey dinner afterwards

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