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Turkey to spare

Samuel is a standard 3 student at Ambergris Caye Elementary school. He recently won a school raffle and the prize was a turkey.

Since his family already had a thanks giving turkey Samuel decided that it would be a good idea to give the turkey to someone who did not have one. Mario and Vicky his parents and owners of the Hungry Monkey Sub shop decided it would be a good idea to use this opportunity to teach kids about giving.

They suggested to Samuel to donate the turkey to the feeding program at Holy Cross School and made the offer to Samuel’s class to help make turkey salad sandwiches and pasta salad and bring it to the school.

The idea was to help the kids learn first hand that sharing with others is a rewarding experience and to teach them about being involved in the community. They also wanted the kids to go visit another local school and see what it was like. Ambergris Caye Elementary kids and their teacher Dora L. Hob were at hungry Monkey bright and early to start making the food. They were able to make enough sandwiches and pasta salad to feed 100 kids.

While at the school making their donation, Samuel – Joshua – Ryan – Sam and Ezzra were eager to explore and see more of what the school. They asked to see classes of kids their own age and the next grade up. They also showed a big interest in seeing the new library and computer lab.

To see pics of the ACER kids in the amazing new library and the recycled art sculptre there please check out Holy Cross School blog.

Thanks goes out to Casa Pan Dulce and Crystal supermarket for their donations to help make this happen, Samuel for coming up with the idea, Mario and Vicky of Hungry Monkey Sub shop for suggesting the feeding program, Joshua – Ryan – Sam – Ezzra and their teacher Miss Dora for coming to the school and making the wonderful donation.

Making sandwiches at Hungry Monkey Sub Shop

Kids making sandwiches

Big pot of Pasta Salad

ACER kids doing food prep

Holding up their donation

ACER kids

Waiting for a cab

Crossing the bridge

Full speed ahead

Vicky and Dora carying the pasta

Kids dropping off food before lunch

Meeting kids from Standard 3 classes

Samuel and his friend Hakim outside Standard 4 class

Holy Cross kids eating lunch

Lunch time

Acer kids checking out Holy Cross cafeteria


ACER kids checking out computer lab

ACER student

ACER kids

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