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Ambergris Caye trip review

A great Ambergris Caye trip review from a very interesting and fun couple who have been coming here 5 years.

We are back home after another fantastic 3+ weeks in San Pedro. We have made some great friends and connections. The people we have come in contact with in San Pedro over the last 5 years have really impacted our lives and have become more than acquaintances or business people.

To start off, I want to say Thank You to Suya Tours. We used them the first time we came to San Pedro for our tours. The first year we did Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley as well as the Manatee/Goff Caye Beach BBQ. The owner, Carlos and his staff were incredible by being personal, knowledgeable and accommodating. The food they make on the Beach BBQ’s is so good especially the coleslaw Carlos’ mother in law makes to take on the trip – you’d have to understand that I LOVE coleslaw. She rates 11 out of 10. They also bring homemade tortillas. While you wait for lunch, they make a killer ceviche then BBQ potatoes, fish and chicken over the fire wherever the Beach BBQ location is for your trip. The guides often spear fish for the BBQ while you are enjoying snorkeling at the many beautiful spots they will stop or just sunning yourself on the boat.

They supply water, Belikin beer, sodas and of course RUM PUNCH! Over the next few years we have done the Beach BBQ up north, diving trips and the Caye Caulker stop. We have done all these trips multiple times only because they have been so great. This last trip we brought a group of 11 from our church. They went to Lamanai as well as cave tubing and ziplining. The comments from everyone ranged from Super to Most Excellent. Our guides for our various excursions were Daniel, Allen, Giovanni (and another that I apologize that I don’t remember his name).

When we went to the Manatee/Goff Caye Beach BBQ last week, we were a bit uncertain with the weather. Daniel was our guide and I can’t tell you how great he was. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes the waters, the boat and the history of all the cayes we passed by. We were all a bit nervous with the weather that morning, the swells and waves were a tad larger than normal but Daniel made me (and everyone else on the boat) feel very comfortable and confident we were in good hands. I can’t express enough how great this guy is.

The best part of my experience with Suya is getting to know everyone and I really appreciate how they always remember us by name. They have become friends to us and we really enjoy them. When I emailed Carlos about mainland excursions a few months before we came with our big group, instead of emailing me h e actually called me here in the states to help us figure out our options – now that is someone who really cares. When we arrived at the island, we stopped in the office to say hi. Tanisha, who works the office was in. She is such a sweetheart and so helpful. Carlos was out that the time but he did come by our condo that evening to welcome us back and have a nice chat. What great people. I am so thankful that we have met all of them. Thank you Carlos and gang!

Another great connection I have is with Zac from Healthy Belize. He has recently started selling organic Belize fruits and vegetables as well as nuts, herbs, fresh coconut water and other drinks. WOW – what an experience. I really like Miss Maria’s veggie stand too but it’s hard to find good salad mix anywhere on the island! Zac has the best greens available and believe it or not – the prices are the same (if not less). Thank you for helping us be healthy Zac!

Along the lines of healthy, Madame Maureen is the most excellent aquafit instructor! I enjoy every class I have taken with you! Thank you for instruction and encouragement. You can’t imagine how much I appreciate the time in class with you!

Dianne and Sue are another great connection. Dianne owns Quicksilver courier service as well as they are now renting cell phones. What a great deal! They even come to you to deliver and pick up the phones. We had nice chats with them during our stay and when we would see them passing by in town we always received a wave and smile. Thank you for being so accommodating ladies!

I can’t forget Ali. We first met him a few years ago as guests at Crazy Canucks. We got to chatting about fishing and he offered to take us out. WOW – another very knowledgeable man. Both trips we went on with him – we couldn’t stop catching fish. He even cleaned and filleted the fish for us and delivered to us that evening. Thank you Ali for the fun days fishing!

One more shout out to Cholo’s Golf Cart rentals. We have always rented from them. Once again, the reply to my email was received with warmth and care welcoming us back. They had our golf cart ready for us at Tropic so we wouldn’t have to make the trip to the office when we arrived on the island late in the afternoon. We were also able to leave the cart at Tropic Air when we were leaving – one less hassle for us! Thank you to Marlena for setting everything up as well as the nice chats with Cholo’s wife when we would trade our cart in (they ask you to bring it in every 8-10 days for maintenance) and the waves from Cholo’s when passing each other in town!

Last but not least – THANK YOU to the Taco’s – we have really enjoyed our time with
you, getting to know you better each trip and having such a great time.

How could anyone not love this little piece of paradise? It’s the people who make it so
wonderful. Locals and Ex-pats alike! We thank you and look forward to being back very

Maureen and Tracy Sowder
Johnstown, CO

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Belize Weather Watch.

One of my readers Todd has been sent me an interesting hurricane tracking site to share with you – Tropical update videos. So far so good on the storm front this year. We have  been getting a bit of rain lately and the recent winds have died down considerably.

If you like to eat – love Italian food and second helpings don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Grand opening of Pinocchio Restaurant this week.

Friday, July 8th, 2011 and Saturday, July 9th, 2011 at 6pm Pinocchio Restaurant will celebrate their grand reopening with an all-you-can-eat-event [which is rare in San Pedro] featuring lots of Italian antipasti, 10 different pastas, 5 different pizzas, a salad bar and some desserts.

Additional promotions for drinks: 4 shots of Amaretto for just 20 BZ$, 4 Campari with orange juice or soda just 20 BZ$ or 4 Mojitos for 20 BZ$.

Entertainment will feature Italian songs to celebrate “Little Italy” in Belize.

Pinocchio is going to hold the 20 BZ$ all-you-can-eat once a week starting in late July or early August and will soon open for lunch too. Offering a daily 3-course-quick-lunch with starter, main course or pasta and dessert for just 20 BZ$. All rates include GST and service.

They will also have some events at the restaurant – theme nights as well as cooking classes and backgammon classes on some Saturday afternoons.

Pinocchio will be open from Mondays to Saturdays from 5.30pm till 10.00pm and will be closed on Sundays.

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