Placencia Airport Closure Plan

Tropic Air Placencia Airport Closure Plan

Tropic Air reached out with the promised update on flight service and a Placencia Airport closure plan. Here is what we know so far…

Placencia Airstrip (PLJ) is slated to be close from May 1st to September 30th with full Placencia Airport operations by October 1st, 2020. During the closure, there will be an expansion of the runway (both length and width), and the installation of runway lights.

Unfortunately, this necessary event makes logistics of flying into Placencia a bit tricky. It also makes for a rare experience too, and rest assured, everyone, is doing the best they can with what there is.

Temporary Tropic Air Placencia Procedures

The Riversdale Airstrip at the north end of the Placencia Peninsula is scheduled for arrival and departure flights during the Placencia airstrip revamping project. Although no planes will be flying into PLJ, the Placencia Tropic Air terminal will remain open to serve the public and will still factor into flying during this time.

Here is where the tricky part comes in…

Placencia Departures

All passengers must check-in at the Placencia airstrip (not Riversdale where they will fly from) one hour prior to their scheduled flight departure time. This is because Riversdale airstrip is outside the cellular service zone. To help minimize any inconvenience, there will be complimentary transfers provided between PLJ and Riversdale.

*Please note if you check-in at Placencia Airport but choose to use your own transport between the two airstrips, it is on you to make it to your flight.

Placencia Arrivals

Upon arrival, to Riversdale airstrip, all Tropic passengers will be eligible for free transportation to the Placencia Airport and can easily get to their destination from there.

*For resorts who do pick up, your guests can be greeted at Tropic’s Placencia terminal or at Riversdale airstrip. If picking up at PLJ, guest greeters need to allow 30 minutes after the scheduled arrival in Riversdale for passengers to be transported to the Placencia Airport.

Placencia Airport Closure Plan


Cargo will continue to be dropped off and picked up at the PLJ terminal as usual. However, due to the extra transportation time to reach the plane at Riversdale airstrip, cargo also needs to arrive earlier than normal.

Service Quality

Tropic Air’s main goal during the closure is to keep things running smoothly for everyone and make its passengers comfortable and safe in any weather conditions. Should you have further questions, feel free to reach out to Tropic Air by Email: Central Reservations Phone: (+501) 226-2012 and 226-2626 Cargo inquiries: (+501) 223-4851 or WhatsApp (Reservations only): (+501) 622-5857

Lunch in Placencia

While in that part of the country, you can check out the 3D version of Klayton Carpenter’s bacon and egg burger at Ricks Cafe, one of his favorite places to eat in the village. Klayton’s Grassfed site has some good information on Placencia Cayo and Ambergris Caye.

Placencia Restaurant

After lunch, you could take a stroll down the long and wide Placencia beach, (compared to Ambergris Caye 😀 ) or stop for a cocktail and a lounge chair at Tipsy Tuna.

Placencia Belize Beach Vacation

Flight Code for Cancer

Please remember when flying to Placencia or anywhere Tropic Air Belize flies, and by using horizon code when booking your flights online, you will be helping (at no extra cost to you) the 55 people that need a monthly subsidy for their Cancer treatment.

tacogirl flight discount is now code for cancer

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