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Trivia Night

This morning I woke up to find the 5 gal bottle Paul just put on our water dispenser leaking. I decided I needed a do-over so after we got things cleaned up and I had my morning coffee, I went back to sleep for a short bit and woke up again in a better head space.

Tonight is trivia night – perfect timing we both could use some fun brain activity.

I counted at least 7 teams playing. After 4 rounds of 10 questions each and a bonus question we tied with Fredrick’s team each having 26 points and we had to answer a tie breaker. The question was how long has the Tackle Box been there. Team with closest answer took the prize – see bottom of pictures to find out who won. Shout to to BrussleSprout as she scored 20 points on her own – lands her bragging rights for sure.

FYI: Playa Lounge is now presenting the mellow sounds of TP & Scott Wednesdays in July 8pm – 10 pm

We stopped at Playa on the way home and caught a minute of TP and Scott before they took a break.

Heckling each other before the game

Scott prepping for trivia

Fredrick won with his guess of 36 years. Actual answer was 31 years. Fredrick got closest by remembering the year on an old areal shot from Big D’s place.

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