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They Came Back

Feeling a bit lazy this morning so I am quite happy to have scored a ride to the pool with Cindy. She just rang and said she would be a few minutes late as she was at the beach and that if I wanted to be on time I could go on ahead – I was glad to opt for a ride and getting in a few more min of work in.

Not only did Pedro and Scott come back to aquafit class this week for more exercise we had a couple of new kids too – Forrest and Lauren both gave Maureen’s class a 2 thumbs up. Now we just need to work on getting JD’s attendance up ha ha.

Just saw on facebook that the new Etsy store featuring Belize Picture Jewelry collection is up and running. Sofa City decided that since the jewelry she was making from my pictures and Melody’s art work was doing well that she would make an Etsy store specifically to feature the Belizean jewelery collection she has created from our work – Hooray and thank you.

Reminder to everyone Trivia Night tonight at Pedro’s Pizza 7:00pm – $5 a head max 5 per team and winner takes the pot.

I just got this cryptic message in an email. I am not going to tell you who sent or or say anything more – I will leave you to guess what it is all about.

Are you FAB?
Save this date – 26th of June 2010
FAB – Often a shortened version of ‘fabulous’.
FAB – One of the most exciting and glamorous events of the year in San Pedro.
FAB – Party like the stars and help a good cause.
FAB – What does it all mean?
FAB – Watch this space?
For more information call 226 4152

San Pedro Fitness Club

San Pedro Fitness Club

2 thoughts on “They Came Back

  1. GwenA says:

    Well good to see those guys, and only one showed up today…to be congratulated. But Pedro and company were no shows…maybe tomorrow is a better day and we will see them.

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