Trivia Night Pedro’s Hotel

We had a riot yesterday heckling each other at weekly trivia night at Pedro’s Hotel. Cindy decided to make it a private party in the poker room so the British soldiers could keep on partying at the bar.We lost to a good team  and managed to beat the roadkillers. Shout out to Helda hope you guys are having a great time at the wedding – can’t wait to hear all about your trip at the aquafit.

Joanne and Mike came by for some evening pool time.  Joanne was telling me how Pedro decided to introduce her to the girl across the hall so they could get to know their hotel neighbor.  It turns out that this woman is a Canadian too – as they started talking they narrowed it down from Jo working for the Toronto Transit Commission and both of them being in Toronto to few living one street away from each other in Mississauga. Small world that the universe has you meeting your ‘neighbor’ for the first time while staying at Pedro’s Hotel in Belize. We are wondering if somehow she may be a piece of our puzzle but either way it is a pretty cool happening.

5 thoughts on “Trivia Night Pedro’s Hotel

  1. todd1812 says:

    We were there last Nov. and took a flight from A.C. to the mainland for a tour and sat next to a coupleon the plane from our home town in Idaho in the U.S, that we never had met. We have never seen them again either, Funny how that works…

  2. Kathy Furlotte says:

    Sorry, didn’t finish my previous reply before hitting the “leave comment” button. We had a similar experience when we visited San Pedro for the first time and noticed a sign post at Coco Loco bar with the mileage to Sarnia, Ont, where we live. Discovered that Linda Miller, the owner, is from our home town of 70,000. Go figure…

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