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Living in Belize

Saturday Night


We decided to do a group date night last with anyone who was in for tacos in the park and DandE’s ice cream afterward. The plan was to get all our errands done then head back home for a bit and meet up at the park for 7pm.

Life does not always go according to plan – but always works out in the end. On our way out of town we went for a visit to Zac’s place so Jo and mike could get a gallon of coconut water. Then we stopped by to drop it off to their room at Pedro’s – see Paul who went to play wii golf and give Cindy a floaty book. Not long after we arrived The British Soldiers chucked Cindy in the pool – luckily Pedro ordered them to empty her pockets first so nothing valuable got soaked. Maureen and Tracy turned up and we all got a bit pedro’d before heading off to town for tacos and ice cream.

Afterward we all ended up back at the pool chatting about life and laughing  amongst the floaty toys.


  1. tacogirl June 13, 2011

    Al I told the boys butt shots only no whoo hoos – everyone has seen a butt lol.

  2. al salter June 12, 2011

    It may not be appropriate to display British military buttocks on a PG -13 website. What would the queen say? Please edit Laurie in the interestes of propriety.


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