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Trivia night at BC’s

After the BHA meeting yesterday I went right to Belize Medical Associates to see how Rick was doing. I was glad to find him sitting in a chair talking to Tim. All things considered [punctured lung – dengue and tubes all over the place] he was looking better than I expected. Thankfully Tim had been staying at the hospital with him and making sure he got the best care. I could not stay too long as I had to catch the 5:30 Tropic Air from Municipal to San Pedro.

On my way home I texted Paul [who was at Legends closing party with Lara] and asked if he wanted to meet up at BC’s for Trivia night – so he and Lara came to meet me. After Trivia we did a quick pit stop at Pedro’s on the way home to say hi to Cindy and we were done for the night.

Rick was released from the hospital today. They kept bumping flight time back as Rick was tired and needed more rest on order to make the journey so Tim would call us and update on new times. Finally it was set that they come back on the 2:30pm flight. I called Tina and arranged for Paul and I to ride in with her and Heraldo to the airport. We got there right on time only to find out they had got in early and Bill – Tim and Dan had already managed to get Rick in a cab and back to his place. Tina and I laughed and agreed it figures that they were not on Belize time today.

The funny thing is we had all head that particular plane fly overhead too and Paul told me to hurry up planes are landing as we were dashing out the door. We met Tina and Heraldo on the road and Tina said Heraldo told her jokingly that was the plane they were on and that he saw Tim waving through the window. Little did we know how true that was except for the waving part.

Just got back from checking in with Ben at Ricks Place and dropping off cot for Ben to sleep on. Ben is doing a great job so far – he cooked dinner and made a list of all of Ricks medication when he is supposed to take it and checked out each one on the internet. Rick was sleeping – I can imagine how tired he must be after making the trip home. This morning Tim convinced the doctors at Belize Medical Associates to let him come home and that we had a good support group back on the island ready to help take care of him. They did not want to release him and were planning to send him to Karl Heusner instead. The trouble with him going to Karl Heusner is that Tim could not continue to stay on and look out for Rick and so he would be there on his own. At least here we are all paying attention to how he is doing – able to keep him company and Dr Dan is going to come check on him daily.

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