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Belize Shopping a Travel Tuesday Story

I had the best intentions to get to Corozal this week but it did not work out. Instead  I found myself back on a Tropic Air Cessna Caravan headed to Municipal Airport so I could do some shopping in Belize City yesterday.

I decided to walk around a bit more near Save U so I could see what other places I might want to add to my route fpr future. First stop was a pinata and housewares store – I scored a couple of baking pans cheap there.  Next came a large A&R and while they did have some different items – our San Pedro store holds up well in comparison. Lastly I went across a bridge because I saw a big building with a Camping Store sign. Turns out  not so much camping gear – they had a whole bunch of crazy shoes and way too many skeeters.

Time for Save U and a good look through the store at pricing and things I would put on my regular shopping list from there. I found lots I liked especially wasabbi rice crackers at a very reasonable price. It is amazing how much a little food shopping variety can get me excited – especially now that Maureen is into cooking.

My grocery bill at Save U came to $93.06 bzd. For that price I got 3 magazines – wheat bread – box of raisins – grated coconut – Feng Shui brand wasabi rice crackers – 2 packs whole nutmeg – crackers – chocolate fudge pudding snack pack – small honey roasted peanuts – capt kid crunchy peanut butter – 2 plastic organizer baskets.

Made one last stop at a variety store on the way home to get a large tin foil for Maureen $9 and change and large size oats to make granola with $6.50. Then it was back to municipal to catch the 3:30 Tropic Air to San Pedro – our plane touched down in Caye Caye Caulker to drop a couple of people off on our way home.

I was hoping to get this finished before class but that is not going to happen.  I have been busy editing pictures and working on recycling our coconut water containers. I will write more about recycling and my Belize magazine [which is why I went back to  Save U] in tomorrows post.  Here are my travel Tuesday Pictures of Belize City.


8 thoughts on “Belize Shopping a Travel Tuesday Story

  1. tacogirl says:

    My best customs tip is to declare housewares and they usually pass me through very easy. Of course the laundry or dish rack I am schlepping helps my case.

    As for pine nuts and parmesan no worries unless it is easy to find out. Reason I was asking is for our pesto production.

  2. Remo says:

    Honestly, pine nuts and parmesan in brick form are not part of my regular Belizean diet. We never look for them as part of our regular weekly shopping. Sorry, no clue here but I can try and find out for you.

    I am always too nervous to smuggle meat across the border and even beer for that matter.

    However, I notice that when we bring over goods to declare (for our business) they NEVER search our shopping bags. Maybe because we are already paying the customs for other items already?

    hmmmm… time I might risk some good New York strip or arachera:D

    I am open to other tips about how to deal with the customs as well:)


  3. tacogirl says:

    I bet it was Al. I had a similar wonderland experience at Save U when I saw the $1 giant avocado stand – for Brodies it was the magazine selection that got me dazzled. Can you tell me where I can claim my suv first? ha ha.

  4. al salter says:

    In my younger days shopping at Brodies was a gastric wonderland and worth the 342$BZ bill. That is until I discovered the joys of Chedraui and Sam’s club in Chetumal. I dragged home cheesecake, mushrooms, French bread and New York strip and with the help of my Belizean friends who enjoyed a free lunch and Modelo beer I learned the fine art of smuggling and customs schmoozing. This is an altertenative that you should consider Laurie. And for free I will tell you where in an SUV you can hide a large ham:).

  5. tacogirl says:

    Thanks for the recommends Remo. I will have to look them up on my map and see what is good there. Do you or your dad know where to get cheap pine nuts and parmesan in brick form?

  6. Remo says:

    Save U and Brodies are two of the most expensive supermarkets in Belize to shop at. Its best to shop at Save U on tuesdays for the 10% discounts.

    May I suggest Publics supermarket on the Northern Highway and K-park supermarket at 6th street Kings Park and Twins supermarket on St. Thomas street.

    You can save money shopping at those stores. Trust me, you can get more for your dollar at those places.

    However, they do not have have a lot of choices on specialty items like Save U and Brodies does. But, concerning basic items the other stores I mentioned are cheaper by a long shot!!

    My father has to go to 4 different stores to get the best deals on particular items and availability as well. No such thing as one stop shopping here in the city…haha!!


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