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Happy Sunday

Sunday clears away the dust of the week and allows you tile to regroup and recharge for the coming week ahead. I Hope you are all enjoying a laid back lazy Happy Sunday. I decided to take the day off and do some shopping before we go celebrate at a  50th birthday party this afternoon.

This is one of my favorite camera phone pics I took with my LG Thrive, it was taken at one at Mar de Tumbo beach which is a 10 min walk away from out house.

caribbean sea san pedro belize
Genie coming out of Lamp

4 thoughts on “Happy Sunday

  1. tacogirl says:

    My week was very dusty and super busy Al, so was nice to take the day to chill out before the party. 3 egg omelet sounds good.
    That is my Genie coming out of the lantern pic Charlotte. It is a beautiful day Paul.

  2. Dr Al says:

    I did not have a particularly dusty week. I did bring Susan breakfast in bed as it is Sunday. This was a 3 egg omelette with ham, cheese, onions, cremini mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. Not planning to install tiles mind you. You don’t look anywhere near 50 btw. 🙂

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