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Living in Belize

Time for bed


11pm and I am beat – just finished uploading yesterdays pics. now because our power was out earlier.

Paul, Rick, DCG, Wade the Gringo and I all had a nice dinner snapper, small potatoes, and coconut curried veggies – afterward we shared stories and laughed a lot out on the veranda. I have to say we have met some really great people on the message board and it has been fun getting to know each other more.

I had time to check out cameras this morning and decided in the interest of simplicity and cost effectiveness I will likely get the same camera I had from amazon – I was supposed to order it when DCG and I got back from town but no go cause of power. Hopefully if I order tomorrow it will make it to travelqueen on time – waiting to hear back on that.


  1. tacogirl September 15, 2008

    Still interested in the underwater one. Will see what comes my way. Thanks for the tip on elph no lag time is good.

  2. rump shaker August 26, 2008

    i must say that if you can’t spring for an underwater that i am soooo pleased with my canon elph sd1000-under us 200 and the best camera i have owned-hardly any lag time,many settings,just great!


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