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The Soul’s Intent

Because of tacogirl blog I get some many emails from a wide range of people all with some sort of connection or love for  Belize. Ernie Vecchio is one of those people – a writer who is skipping winter for 2 months and coming back to San Pedro for  some book signings and share information to those interested in spiritual and personal growth.

Author, Ernie Vecchio is proud to announce the release of The Soul’s Intent a self- improvement book designed to reveal his experiences, findings, and insights while treating individuals recovering from severe trauma.

Vecchio discovered during this intense work with trauma patients that when personality gets stripped away it offers a unique opportunity to rebuild a truer and authentic self. In most cases, Vecchio observed his patients establish identities that were more aligned with their heart’s desire and less motivated by ego concerns or external expectations. He calls this process mediating within or finding one’s place of compromise. The result becomes a more meaningful life and making choices that are purposeful and goal ‘oriented. Vecchio’s link to the soul’s guidance validates that we all have the potential to truly cultivate our inner life. Piecing together this understanding ultimately creates an image Vecchio calls our Innerscape. Viewing these images and life experiences from the soul’s (above) vantage point provide us with the means for self discovery and healing. In the end, we develop a psychospiritual understanding of our life, live fully in the present, are less troubled about the past, and feel a renewed curiosity for the future.

In a world where many are angry and afraid because they fear the unknown, Vecchio offers readers reasons why fear exists in the human condition. There to warn us of outside or impending threat, many of us have lost the capacity to distinguish between what is imagined and what is real. The result is a hypersensitivity to the world around us. Vecchio suggests that we should not have to undergo severe trauma to wake up to our lives or what is most important – being who we were intended to be. The Soul’s Intent is that we get here – now.

Coming to San Pedro Belize
Ernie Vecchio is an author, psychologist, and spiritual teacher with over thirty years experience helping individuals find balance between their outside experiences and inside reality. During his lengthy career of working with severe trauma patients he developed Innerscape, an innovative psychospiritual process. He is planning to be in San Pedro from December 13, 2009 to February 12, 2010. Individual organizations or resorts interested in him speaking or doing book signings can contact him at innerscape[at] or his website.

The Soul's Intent by Ernie Vecchio

Ernie Vecchio

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