The Jig is up

Yesterday was Cowboy’s surprise party and we had to try and keep him out of the way so we could decorate, get the band and the bar set up. It was not long before he started getting suspicious and asking questions, the other day he heard Corry ask Ricardo about the party Tim was throwing for one of his partners and that started the whole thing off. Only Cowboy thought it was for Will who was also having a birthday and kept asking me if Will was on the island and what was going on.

Leisa sent him to do some errands in town and pick up Shirlette hoping that would keep him occupied for a while – NOT.

He came back way too fast and I was surprised to run into him while bringing the bag of decorations to the bar. I caught the tail end of Ingrid letting the cat out of the bag a bit more by asking something about the beer for the party. Leisa covered that fast and we went back to the condo to have a drink on the veranda and pretend like nothing was going on.

Cowboy even went as far as to tell us that he was going fishing with some folks from Banana Beach at 3:00pm, the exact start time of his party. Leisa bluffed him off by telling him he better take some Dramamine – I can see that becoming a long standing joke.

Of course we knew he was not going fishing and he ended up having lunch by the pool with Steve Schulte instead. That worked at least he could not see the band setting up from where he was sitting but it was not long before he heard them tuning their instruments and finally we had to admit that the jig was up, we were caught out and had no more excuses.

Happy Birthday Cowboy Doug, hope you had a great time at your party.

One thought on “The Jig is up

  1. Emily says:

    Looks like a fun party — happy belated birthday, Cowboy Doug! I can see how it would be very difficult to keep such a thing secret considering that he runs the bar and lives there at GC too. Nice job!

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